Mile 3: Angel Bird

Three miles down! I have to admit, though, I had a little trouble getting into this one. I was feeling a bit lackadaisical and couldn’t figure out how to give this little birdie justice. For two days I thought about it, but colors for him weren’t coming to me, so I decided that I just had to start painting anyway. I just kept adding color and thinking that I needed to give up on this one when I looked up and realized, “HEY, I like you flying bird. How did you come to life?”

Whitney’s email for this mile talked about how some primitive societies regarded birds highly because they were thought to be able to travel between the real word and the spirit world. We don’t idolize birds to that extent today, but some of this respect has remained throughout the centuries. Flying is synonymous with succeeding, achieving, being the best you can be- all things that can be attributed to, or at least related to, our spiritual world. I thought about this as I painted, and I suppose these thoughts seeped into the painting because when I finished my Mom called him an Angel Bird. So that is what I’ll call him, too. Sometimes insight and inspiration come at the unlikeliest of times.


2 Comments on “Mile 3: Angel Bird”

  1. emily sheffer says:

    i love angel bird too. i like the clandestine insertion of ‘fly’ and the beak the most. A+ for you!

  2. candacehargraves says:

    I love birds. They represent such freedom to me. What could be more perfect than an angel bird?

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