Mile 5: snow flowers? no thanks!

I have to say, I was NOT excited about painting over my mug. The assignment was to paint some loosely drawn flowers- you know, the kind all girls doodled all over their notebooks as children. Ugh, the thought of painting over my mug with these flowers that I didn’t even like the idea of was disheartening. I’ve been stuck inside for the past three days due to the large amount of snow (at least for Nashville- they didn’t even attempt to clear my street until today. Where are the salt trucks?!), so I had plenty of time to get this painting done. Instead I sat around (and played in the snow, of course) for two days refusing to do it. I finally had an idea to paint “snow flowers,” so I painted over my mug with white paint and outlined some flowers. Then I realized that I hadn’t really thought out the snow flower thing and whatever I was doing looked awful. I seriously considered just skipping this one, but I knew I’d feel like I’d cheated myself if I did.

Then I noticed some stylized flowers I actually like! My shower curtain is made from a tablecloth that I love, but my cozy little house doesn’t have room for things like tables, so I had to re-purpose my flowery tablecloth when I moved in. Anything that resembled this would make me happier than my snow flowers, so I re-defined my source of inspiration and my painting took a major turn for the better. It’s still not my favorite painting of the marathon thus far, but I do like it now! The colors are a nice contrast to the cold white (well, now slushy gray) of the outdoors. Plus, I loved using dots of paint to create texture and interest. I’ll definitely be using this technique again in future paintings!


3 Comments on “Mile 5: snow flowers? no thanks!”

  1. Meghan Skemp says:

    I love the flowers! :)

    • ryanpamela says:

      thanks Meghan!! They’re starting to grow on me, too! I sort of wish I could give people the ones they like, but I guess that’s not the point of this project!

      ps. we still haven’t had our at home sips-n-strokes!

  2. candacehargraves says:

    To make lemonade from lemons is, of its self a talent but to do it with flair (and passion) is beauty. I still believe it. Much love

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