Mile 6: Meditation Circles

The goal of this mile was meditation. We’re five paintings in and I imagine everyone is getting a little tired, feeling behind, wondering how we’ll have make time to create 20 more paintings. This project allowed us to get caught up easily and provided a time to simply paint and reflect without worrying about so many little details. It also allowed me to use a bunch of random excess paint that was collecting on my palette- I hate wasting it!

So, the assignment was to create concentric circles, much like Wassily Kandinsky’s Squares With Concentric Circles. I love this  piece by Kandinsky- I actually have the print hanging in my bedroom. The idea is so simple, but the circles are so inviting and mesmerizing.

It was so nice to really let go and just let the brush travel in haphazard circles.  I was trying to multi-task while painting (as in, I was trying to watch the premiere of LOST), but I kept finding myself immersed in the colors and movement of the brush. When I was done I had no idea what had happened on LOST (nothing unusual about that though), but I did have a finished product that would hang nicely by the Kandinsky print in my bedroom- if, of course, it weren’t going to be painted over in a few days!


6 Comments on “Mile 6: Meditation Circles”

  1. lisasartjournal says:


  2. NXB says:

    Good job! Keep it up! I will meditate on your Meditation Circles.

  3. blaine ray says:

    nice :) keep up the good work!

  4. Kabar says:

    Very nice work! Thanks for sharing!

  5. candacehargraves says:

    It ‘so’ reminds me of you! love, mama

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