Mile 12: Cave Dance

It’s a cave painting- can you tell? Whitney included such an interesting tidbit in her email to the marathoners this week, and I must share it here. In the book Optimize the Magic of Your Mind, Sidney Parnes said,

…if the last 50,000 years of man’s existence were divided into lifetimes of approximately 62 years each, there would have been about 800 such lifetimes. Of these 800, fully 600 were spent in caves. Only during the last 70 lifetimes has it been possible to communicate effectively from on lifetime to another …. Only during the last 6 lifetimes did masses of men ever see the printed word. Only during the last 4 has it been possible to measure time with any precision. Only in the last 2 has anyone anywhere used an electric motor. And the overwhelming majority of all material goods we use in daily life today have been developed within the present, the 800th, lifetime.

The world is spinning so quickly these days. It’s so nice to sit down, reflect, and just paint (and then blog about it. I guess I can’t totally put myself in the cave man’s (lack of) shoes!).

A friend of mine was recently telling me about how cave paintings all over the word exhibit the same patterns of dots and circles. This may be because when you are locked in a cave for days you start hallucinating dots and circles, so this is what was often transferred onto the cave walls. This friend suggested that I hide in my closet for a few days before I started the cave painting! I didn’t go that far this time to achieve artistic authenticity, but I do enjoy my dancing cave people!


2 Comments on “Mile 12: Cave Dance”

  1. lisasartjournal says:

    Your cave painting is AMAZING!

  2. candacehargraves says:

    I LOVE this one! Wish it was mine! Mom

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