Mile 13: Sad Girl

Despite some adamant objections to me painting over the cave painting, I did just that (sorry guys) and completed Mile 13.  The Creatively Fit Marathon is halfway over! I’m not sure how many more layers of paint my canvas can take (surely at least 13)! This has been such a fun, learning-filled journey so far.  My limited art background included NO painting, so learning all the technicalities of painting as I go is thrilling.

This mile was a bit scary because faces are so intimidating. Faces are like everything else, though- just a combination of simple lines. It’s amazing how the slightest change to the curvature of a single line changed her expression so dramatically. I thought I would dwell on her perfection for hours, but she came to being very quickly. I’m not sure why, but I’m very drawn to her (jaundice and all). Painting over her will be difficult!

By the way, if you’re interested in participating in the next Creatively Fit Marathon or one of Whitney Ferre’s other new online programs, check out this link: She’s got some cool things in the works!


One Comment on “Mile 13: Sad Girl”

  1. candacehargraves says:

    Ryan, This one is too real. Makes me want to cry with/for her. On the other hand, your introduction into `reality’ art is impressive. I’m proud of the risks you have taken with this project and the growth I see in you every day. Love, mama

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