Mile 15: Left Brain, Right Brain

In this mile we were to illustrate the left side of the brain (the logical side) and the right side of the brain (the creative side). My plan was to create a very grid-like, neutral left side and a crazy, curvy, bright ride side. It’s amazing how much my mood affects my work. I was having an off day when I started this one and I could NOT express what I had intended- my right brain was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t happy with my right-brain side, so I just starting painting these heavy, colorful circles. It ended up looking like a paint palette, which I think symbolizes the right-brain very nicely. I’d do this one much differently if I were to do it again, but I’m happy enough with it considering that I did it entirely in my left brain!


One Comment on “Mile 15: Left Brain, Right Brain”

  1. candacehargraves says:

    I actually like this one. I remember how hard it was to do-you didn’t feel good, the weather was awful, you were ‘edgy’ and you still pulled it off. My right brained child who does a left brained job was able to “crossover’ and see both sides of herself in one stressful weekend on one unique canvas. I’m proud you did it. love, mama

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