Mile 16: Butterfly

I’ve spent my weekend painting since I let myself get behind last week. My off day from Mile 15 turned into a bit of an off week, and I didn’t want to paint another mile while I was so uninspired. I finally picked up the paintbrush, and I’m happy with the Mile 16 butterfly. I love her bold colors, although the purple is much brighter in real life (photographing these paintings to be representative has proven to be quite difficult). I hate to see her go!


2 Comments on “Mile 16: Butterfly”

  1. emily sheffer says:

    i really, really like this. Great combo of colors!

  2. candacehargraves says:

    I LOVE THIS ONE! I love them all of course, but this is just beautiful. The lines, the dimension, the depth of gorgeous color, the illusion of movement-life-were all so striking. From where in that beautiful head do all of these gorgeous and diverse images come? I have dibs, if only in my mind, on this one. By the way, purple is my new favorite color! Love, Mama

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