Mile 17: Contrast. Sunflower.

For the last eight miles of the marathon we’ll be learning about the eight principles of design: contrast, unity, balance, proportion, harmony, repetition, rhythm, and emphasis. I’m so excited! The first principle is CONTRAST. Contrast in art, as in life, creates a focal point that catches your attention. I chose green and orange/yellow as contrasting colors. Notice how the little green behind the petals really makes the yellow pop. I actually like this one a lot- it’s rustic and visually pleasing (to me, at least). It feels good to re-learn the design elements I hadn’t given much thought in years!


One Comment on “Mile 17: Contrast. Sunflower.”

  1. candacehargraves says:

    As do so many of your paintings, this one makes me happy just to look at it. I don’t think I’ve said it before but I love to read your blogs almost as much as I love your art. Your thoughtful discussion, the explanations of the creative process and technique give people (like me) so much more to enjoy in every ‘Creative Mile’. I’ve learned so much, not only about what I like, but why I like it. And I’ve learned so much about you. If I could only take all of these and make one big beautiful collage that showed your growth and courage in a original pictorial, I would be one happy mama! I hope your spring will be as happy as your sunflower. Much Love!

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