Mile 19: Balance.

The principle of design for the mile is BALANCE. In her email, Whitney described the concept really well: “A painting can illustrate balance when an area of great detail is balanced by an area that is more open and simple, or an area containing lots of colors is balanced by an area with only one main color.” For this mile we were to create a balanced abstract using torn paper. I thought about this one for a while before I actually pursued it. My intention was to balance texture with smoothness, chaos with simplicity, lots of colors with few colors, and abstract with literal. This one was beautiful in my head, but I don’t think I executed it all that well. I hit a wall when I actually sat down to do something so abstract. I couldn’t really get into my right-brain, so I was questioning my ability to make this look thought-out and not child-like. All in all, I think I touched on balance, but I definitely think it could be better!


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