Mile 24: Rhythm. Nashville.

The principle of design for this mile is RHYTHM. At this point in the marathon I’ve gotten into the rhythm of painting regularly. It’s a natural part of my week. Now that I’ve gotten into this life rhythm, I should be able to continue painting and becoming more creatively fit when the marathon is over (two more paintings to go!).

In this mile we were supposed to paint what makes us happy. I actually postponed this one for quite a while until the right idea finally hit me. I love the city of Nashville. It really feels like home to me- every time I take a walk on Belmont Boulevard with my dog I feel so grateful to be a part of the city. I’m not sure I’m totally settled here yet, but I’m working on it. So, I chose to paint the Nashville skyline (or my interpretation of it). Plus, the ups and downs of the buildings and the lines of windows create nice rhythm. I could have spent hours and hours on this one adding more detail, but I sort of like it the way it is. I’ll miss this one when it’s gone!


Mile 23: Negative Space

Well, I completed this mile in about twenty minutes. The assignment was to draw shapes right over the previous mile and paint the negative space around them. I wasn’t anticipating having to keep the finger painting- had I known I might have done it a bit differently! I don’t love how this turned out, but there wasn’t much I could do once I had painted over most of the previous mile. So, I just got my workout in and am ready to move on! Only three more miles to go!

Mile 22: Repetition. Finger painting!

The design principle for this mile was REPETITION. We were to create this repetition while painting with our fingers!

This one really required me to find my inner child. Kids love finger painting, but I, as an adult, had a little trouble getting my fingers dirty! I started feeling a little more comfortable with the process by the end. As I was finishing up I felt a great need to just run my hand over the whole thing, so I just let go and did it! I think the smearing added a nice finishing touch. This is definitely not my favorite mile, but I did enjoy doing it!

Mile 21: Harmony. lonely trees.

The design principle for this mile was HARMONY. This is actually one of my favorite miles. Trees are always a favorite of mine to paint, and I love the background of this one. The bare trees look a little lonely, but also harmonious with their branches all intertwined.  This painting feels so natural to me- I think this may be closer to who I am as an artist. I can’t wait to run with it.  I already have plans to replicate this one with slightly different colors!

Mile 20: Proportion. nautilus shell.

I’m getting behind in my blogging again- I’ll try to be better! The design principle emulated in this mile is PROPORTION. Things that are perfectly proportioned are pleasing to the eye. Things that are out of proportion aren’t necessarily bad though- they can create interest and emphasis. The nautilus shell is one of the many objects of nature that has perfect proportions. Replicating its perfection was harder than I expected- the proportions in my painting are a bit off. I think I could have fixed it, but I decided it wasn’t worth it this time.

More important than the physical outcome was the real-life application of this mile. It made me think about what things in my life I could be spending a greater proportion of my time on in order to be happier. Work and stress tend to overwhelm everything, but adding in more creative therapy (like this marathon) will help (and had helped) me to create a healthy balance in my life. What can you do in greater proportions to become more balanced and happy?