Mile 20: Proportion. nautilus shell.

I’m getting behind in my blogging again- I’ll try to be better! The design principle emulated in this mile is PROPORTION. Things that are perfectly proportioned are pleasing to the eye. Things that are out of proportion aren’t necessarily bad though- they can create interest and emphasis. The nautilus shell is one of the many objects of nature that has perfect proportions. Replicating its perfection was harder than I expected- the proportions in my painting are a bit off. I think I could have fixed it, but I decided it wasn’t worth it this time.

More important than the physical outcome was the real-life application of this mile. It made me think about what things in my life I could be spending a greater proportion of my time on in order to be happier. Work and stress tend to overwhelm everything, but adding in more creative therapy (like this marathon) will help (and had helped) me to create a healthy balance in my life. What can you do in greater proportions to become more balanced and happy?


One Comment on “Mile 20: Proportion. nautilus shell.”

  1. lisasartjournal says:

    This one was SO hard for me! You did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!

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