diy: embroidery hoop wall art

Now that I’m pretty settled into my new home, I’m ready for creative projects. I’ve been seeing this fabric-filled embroidery hoop wall art on blogs for a while now, like this adorable one on etsy (which, by the way, inspired my current needs-some-work-but-i’m-learning blog header):

Isn’t she lovely? Anyway, when I recently received my beautifully restored vanity, I just knew that these hoops would complement it perfectly. So, I set out to make my own. Here’s how I did it.

First, I picked up some wooden embroidery hoops. These are super cheap, so you can make tons of wall art for every boring wall!

Then I found some cool vintage handkerchiefs from an antique store,

and added some fun non-vintage fabric. This would be a perfect use for any excess fabric you have lying around.

Note: You might also want to back the fabric with batting or felt. This was especially necessary for the vintage hankies- they were delicate and almost transparent.

Putting it all together is simple. Take the hoop apart and place a square of fabric and felt on top of the inside part of the hoop.

Replace the top hoop

and voila!

Now just turn the hoop over and adhere the fabric to the inside of the hoop, either using fabric glue or thumb tacks (the glue wouldn’t adhere to the hankies in my case).

Then, ask your dogs to help cut the excess fabric from the back after the glue has dried. I’m sure they’d be very helpful and wouldn’t be in the way at all.

So easy, quick, and fun! They’d also make great little bulletin boards- just add a cork backing and some thumb tacks.

I adore these hoops with my lovely vanity. Such an inspiring place to get ready every morning!


3 Comments on “diy: embroidery hoop wall art”

  1. candacehargraves says:

    Love your ‘hoop art’. Watching you made it look so easy-but it really enlivened the room when you hung them around the vanity. Luann Campbell did a beautiful job refinishing an antique vanity for you! (And although I’m no photographer, I did manage to get Maddie’s reflection in the mirror. She liked posing and I accidently added a little reality to my photo!) Good job, Ryan-I love it

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love these ideas, someone gave me about 36 emb. hoops and I had no idea. thank you for your input

    Regina Frye

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