diy: yarn wreath- valentine’s edition

Remember this guy? I made it with the intention of switching it up year round to go with the seasons. Yes, I’m going to complain about Valentine’s Day because I’m chronically single and well-aware (ha), but some part of me wants to celebrate the idea of the day with hearts and chocolate (Godiva, please). So, I decided to turn my Christmas wreath into a Valentine’s Day wreath.

I’m not sure this merits a DIY post, but here you go.

Here’s what you need:

  • a yarn wreath (here’s my step-by-step guide)
  • a sheet of red felt
  • red yarn
  • heart template
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • batting
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil

1) trace two hearts onto the felt and cut them out

2) Using the embroidery thread and needle, stitch around the heart. When you get about halfway through, start stuffing with the batting. Stitch the rest of the way around, adding the final batting before you close.

3) Wrap the red yarn around the wreath. I wrapped diagonally in one direction and then the other. Be creative!

4) Attach the heart to a piece of yarn and tie the yarn to the wreath. There you go! A Valentine’s Day wreath!


diy: felt owl brooch

So, I love owls these days. I know they’re trendy, but I love them anyway. I found this adorable owl brooch on etsy (of course), and decided to make my own.

source: mellymoodesigns on etsy

It was a fun and easy project and I just love the outcome. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make one, too:

  • two sheets of felt; different colors
  • a small piece of fun fabric
  • two buttons
  • embroidery needle and thread
  • a 1 inch bar pin
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric glue
  • pen or pencil
  • scissors
  • owl template (download mine or make your own)
  • something small and circular to trace the belly

1) trace the owl template onto both sheets of felt and cut them out.

2) using your small, circular object and your fun fabric, trace a circle smaller than the owl and cut it out.

3) glue all three pieces of fabric together and fold over the triangle to create the owl’s nose.

4) Now it’s time to create the stitches. I found it easiest to use a continuous piece of thread for the entire thing. Starting in the middle of the nose, create a long stitch. Then create the side stitches. Finally, attach the buttons.

5) sew on the bar pin (or attach with hot glue)

There you go! There are endless combinations for these little guys.

Finally, here’s a photo for scale. He’s perfectly tiny. I’m thinking that maybe I can make the next one bigger AND a change purse!