diy: felt owl card holder

i’m proud of myself for only having one credit card, but i have about a million other cards. between grocery savings cards, insurance cards, and rewards cards for everywhere i shop, my wallet is always exploding. solution: store my less used cards somewhere else. i had thought about making a change purse like my owl brooch, but making a card holder seemed like an ever better idea.

i followed the same basic steps as the owl brooch, with the following changes:

1) make the whole thing larger. i used a credit card for reference when i drew the template.

2) only sew down the front layer of the beak. the back layer will serve as the flap.

3) i didn’t have large enough buttons for the eyes, so i backed them with two layers of felt. it turned out cuter than i expected. sew the eyes onto the flap instead of the body of the owl.

4) add a magnetic snap.

it’s the perfect size for all my cards, and my wallet is much happier. what do you think? am i little too owl-happy?!


spring has sprung? while we’re waiting, here are a few of my favorite things

it’s a stormy, yucky day here in nashville. it’s warm though, so maybe that means we’re just on the verge of sunny days and flower blossoms! the dreary day inspired me to click through my favorites on etsy in an attempt to add some color to my world. here are some of my favorite spring time picks.

for your person:

this so-cute bicycle necklace from luckyduct. i love bicycles and i love decorating with them. i even have a cool “vintage” one that takes up space in my dining room. unfortunately i’m a terrible bike rider. maybe this spring i’ll work on that.

photo credit: luckyduct on etsy

this sweet dress from aftershowershop. i want to go frolic in a field in this dress!

photo credit: aftershowershop on etsy

these activator sandals from TreadLightGear. these have been on my favorites for a looong time.

photo credit: TreadLightGear on etsy

these yellow flats from extraseed. they’re eco-friendly. and yellow. love them.

photo credit: extraseed on etsy

this clutch from HaydenJ. i actually sent this to a friend for her birthday. i think she loves it (i do, anyway)!

photo credit: HaydenJ on etsy

this striped canvas bag from HOWEVER. another one that’s been on my favorites list for a while. wouldn’t you like to bring this to the beach?

photo credit: HOWEVER on etsy

for your home:

this bird mirror from fluxglass. a great way to add some springtime cheer to your home.

photo credit: fluxglass on etsy

these colorful lampshades from illuminatingdesignsK. these would lighten up any room (i’m wondering if i could make something similar myself).

photo credit: illuminatingdesignsK on etsy

this beautiful bubble chandelier from jeanpelle. this one’s way out of my price range, but can’t you imagine the possibilities?

photo credit: jeanpelle on etsy

for your tummy:

this diy macaron kit from theMacaronner. mmmm…..macaron’s are all the rage these days. i’m not sure how they’re made, but a kit like this is sure to make it easy.

photo credit: theMacaronner on etsy

these lollipops from mihow. you can get flavors like peanut butter and banana (the elvis), watermelon and peppercorns (tickled pink), buttered popcorn (the box office), and black pepper ice cream (the pepper pop). i ordered a sampler box of these a while back and promptly finished them all by myself. so yummy.

photo credit: mihow on etsy

these southern pink velvet cookies from crumblescookies. i ordered red velvet cookies from this bakery for my housewarming party and they were amaaazing. if you didn’t get one at the party, it might have been because i stashed a few in the fridge for me. so good, plus lanae was a great seller- she even added an extra half-dozen cookies for me!

photo credit: crumblescookies on etsy

click here to see all my etsy favorites and add me to your circle!

on a related note, i’ve been asked a lot lately if i have an etsy shop or if i plan to sell any of my art/crafts there. i don’t think i have a clear enough vision for my creative side yet to make that jump, but maybe someday (my blog name still is saving artist ryan). i’m always thinking/dreaming/planning though!

run. check… survive. check… appreciate art in nature. check.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m the type of person who often forgets to appreciate what’s around me. I often say, “I’m a destination person.” It’s not the best way to be, but it seems that I’m always looking forward, all the while missing the here and now. I accidentally overcame this flaw for a few minutes tonight during my run. I’m usually concentrating hard on finishing (“only three more intervals after this one. then cake”), but tonight, mid-stride, I noticed this tree stump in the shape of a heart. I passed it quickly, but then it stayed on my mind for the next little stretch. So I stopped on my way back to take a picture. For a few minutes I wasn’t thinking about running, or dying of running, but of a pretty tree and the crisp evening. Have you stopped to appreciate the art and beauty around you today?

i ♥ my grandma

my grandma is awesome. seriously, she was the most fun grandma ever growing up. i vividly remember her letting us pull out all her pots and pans from her cabinets, which naturally led to a parade around the house with pots on our heads while beating on pans with ladles like a drum. and she had a teeny tiny turtle that lived in a teeny tiny red box on the counter. and she always makes 27 layer chocolate cake. who could ask for a better grandma?

anyway, when she found out i was learning to knit she sent me an email saying that she would give me all her old knitting stuff.  i had a chance to see her for a few hours this past weekend as she arrived for a visit with my mom the same day i was leaving a visit with her. and she brought me TONS of knitting stuff.  i’ve now got needles of every size, place holders, old books, and lots of other things that i have no idea how to use yet.  she brought everything in her beautiful old basket that she lined herself and a cool old yarn caddy (which i was thinking about buying/making anyway).

i’m excited! my knitting has unfortunately come to a frustrating halt though. i have started a fingerless glove about eight times and keep messing up.  i haven’t figured out how to fix slip-ups yet, so i just start over every time…..which means i quickly give up. hopefully now i have the motivation and tools to keep going! anyone want to have a knitting party?!

what’s more fun than doing? planning. ipad style.

my ipad just became more than a kindle! i got an ipad for christmas determined to use it for all my creative endeavors. but, to date, i’ve read books on it…checked facebook..and doodled a little using a few painting and sketch apps. all that will change now that i’ve found my new favorite app- moodboard. it allows me to easily brainstorm ideas for various projects. i can clip photos from the web, pull in my saved photos, create custom color palettes, and add text. additionally, it’s just super fun to use! the app is so intuitive and easy to use. it kind of reminds me of those futuristic movies where they just flick everything around with their fingers on the computer screens (know what i’m talking about? am i the only one that wanted to play on one?). the moodboard above shows my current ideas about a painting i’m working on (ok, thinking about working on) for my bedroom. i’ve got these three giant canvases to cover and i’m nervous! the moodboard has already substantially increased my progress on this project!…go test out the free version, but i promise you’ll be back for the full version within ten minutes! who knew brainstorming could be so lovely?

diy: rosette necklace

this probably isn’t very surprising, but anthropologie is my favorite store ever. i’m still debating working there part time for the employee discount, if only there were a few more days in the week. i don’t usually splurge on their jewelry though because it’s so expensive and trendy, but that doesn’t mean i don’t love it. this diy is inspired by everything anthro- enjoy!

i’ve seen lots of different tutorials for making rosettes, but this is what worked best for me. here’s what you’ll need:

  • fabric for the rosettes
  • brass chain and clasp
  • felt for the backing
  • ribbon
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • wire cutters and pliers (to add the clasp to the chain)

1) tear fabric into 1 to 1.5 inch strips of varying lengths. frayed edges are good!

2) to make the first rosette, tie a knot in the end of a strip of fabric

3) fold the fabric in half length-wise and start wrapping around the knot. hot glue periodically to keep the rosette together.  twist the fabric as you go to make it look more interesting. twist the end of the fabric to the back of the rosette and glue it down.

4) make as many rosettes as you desire and arrange them on a piece of felt. when you’re happy with the arrangement, glue the rosettes to the felt.

5) carefully cut the felt backing away from around the rosettes.

6) sew or glue the chain to the top two flowers.

7) cover the chain with an extra piece of felt. this adds stability to the chain (and i think it makes the back look a little nicer). cut the chain in the middle and add the clasp.

8 ) if you wish, add a final touch with some ribbon. I intertwined the ribbon with the chain and tied a loop at the end.

there you go! who needs anthropologie?! {just kidding. please don’t take anthropologie from me.}

puppy v-day love

I have to share this sweet/funny story. Remember the Valentine’s day scarf I made for my dog Maddie? My very first completed knitting project? Well, she’s been wearing it a lot because I think it’s cute. I assumed she was annoyed but was placating me because she’s been barking A LOT (do dogs placate? no?).  I took it off of her last night as we were getting into bed because 1) she had fulfilled her obligation of being my valentine, and 2) it was warm and I didn’t want her to get hot in the night. She woke me up by barking at 5am {{grr}} and when I got up to see what was going on I realized that she had put the scarf back on herself! The hearts were upside down, but she definitely had it on. I’m not sure how she did it, but I take it as a sign that she likes it! Or she’s sucking up. She got two treats at 5am for that one. Smart dog.