project art.craft space + new blog design


photo credit: everythingetsy

I LOVE my new condo. It’s really small though and lacks sufficient closet space (it was built in 1930. no modern walk-in for me), so everything has to have a place or the whole apartment quickly becomes a disaster. In recent weeks I’ve decided that I need a workspace to house all my currently disorganized painting (which I will get back to) and craft supplies. All my supplies are currently thrown in giant Michaels bags and are stowed wherever I can find a spot. I don’t have a lot of extra room to work with, but I’m thinking that I can turn a wall in my tiny dining room into a craft corner. Here’s the space as it is now. I never use this desk. It stores some files and random desk-y things, but I don’t ever sit here. So, how can I transform the 2×5 space?

Here are some of my favorite craft corner inspirations, mostly from everythingetsy. I could probably create something like this using the desk I have now. Paint the desk a fun color and find a cute old hutch with doors.

photo credit: everythingetsy

I’m in love with this one. The bright colors. The closeable doors. If I could find a similar computer armoire that’s small enough, something like this could be a definite possibility.

photo credit: everythingetsy

Like I said, I lack closet space as it is, so I don’t have the necessary extra closet laying around to create this beauty. This office space is decorated completely in a double-doored closet. So charming! I want to work here every day!

photo credit: everythingetsy

Finally, check out this one from It’s two books cases latched together to make a completely hideable workspace. The website has DIY instructions, and it doesn’t appear to be TOO difficult. Something like this is on my short list.

photo credit: marthastewart

photo credit: marthastewart











What’s your dream work space? Want to help me create mine?!

Oh, I’m finally taking some time to redesign my blog a little. I still haven’t taken that Illustrator class, so it’s slow going {{google search: how to create a circle in Illustrator. ha}}. Still soliciting help. I’ll bring wine if you bring knowledge. How do you like the changes so far?


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