i ♥ my grandma

my grandma is awesome. seriously, she was the most fun grandma ever growing up. i vividly remember her letting us pull out all her pots and pans from her cabinets, which naturally led to a parade around the house with pots on our heads while beating on pans with ladles like a drum. and she had a teeny tiny turtle that lived in a teeny tiny red box on the counter. and she always makes 27 layer chocolate cake. who could ask for a better grandma?

anyway, when she found out i was learning to knit she sent me an email saying that she would give me all her old knitting stuff.  i had a chance to see her for a few hours this past weekend as she arrived for a visit with my mom the same day i was leaving a visit with her. and she brought me TONS of knitting stuff.  i’ve now got needles of every size, place holders, old books, and lots of other things that i have no idea how to use yet.  she brought everything in her beautiful old basket that she lined herself and a cool old yarn caddy (which i was thinking about buying/making anyway).

i’m excited! my knitting has unfortunately come to a frustrating halt though. i have started a fingerless glove about eight times and keep messing up.  i haven’t figured out how to fix slip-ups yet, so i just start over every time…..which means i quickly give up. hopefully now i have the motivation and tools to keep going! anyone want to have a knitting party?!


2 Comments on “i ♥ my grandma”

  1. Brig says:

    Count me in on the knitting party!!!! Did you get Walden because your Grandma had a turtle?!?!?

    • ryanpamela says:

      I did!! Walden was a great turtle. Smelly…and loud…but great. Oh how I hope he’s still alive our there in our pond. Grandma’s turtle was even smaller though! Like the size of a quarter!

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