diy: felt owl card holder

i’m proud of myself for only having one credit card, but i have about a million other cards. between grocery savings cards, insurance cards, and rewards cards for everywhere i shop, my wallet is always exploding. solution: store my less used cards somewhere else. i had thought about making a change purse like my owl brooch, but making a card holder seemed like an ever better idea.

i followed the same basic steps as the owl brooch, with the following changes:

1) make the whole thing larger. i used a credit card for reference when i drew the template.

2) only sew down the front layer of the beak. the back layer will serve as the flap.

3) i didn’t have large enough buttons for the eyes, so i backed them with two layers of felt. it turned out cuter than i expected. sew the eyes onto the flap instead of the body of the owl.

4) add a magnetic snap.

it’s the perfect size for all my cards, and my wallet is much happier. what do you think? am i little too owl-happy?!


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