spring has sprung? while we’re waiting, here are a few of my favorite things

it’s a stormy, yucky day here in nashville. it’s warm though, so maybe that means we’re just on the verge of sunny days and flower blossoms! the dreary day inspired me to click through my favorites on etsy in an attempt to add some color to my world. here are some of my favorite spring time picks.

for your person:

this so-cute bicycle necklace from luckyduct. i love bicycles and i love decorating with them. i even have a cool “vintage” one that takes up space in my dining room. unfortunately i’m a terrible bike rider. maybe this spring i’ll work on that.

photo credit: luckyduct on etsy

this sweet dress from aftershowershop. i want to go frolic in a field in this dress!

photo credit: aftershowershop on etsy

these activator sandals from TreadLightGear. these have been on my favorites for a looong time.

photo credit: TreadLightGear on etsy

these yellow flats from extraseed. they’re eco-friendly. and yellow. love them.

photo credit: extraseed on etsy

this clutch from HaydenJ. i actually sent this to a friend for her birthday. i think she loves it (i do, anyway)!

photo credit: HaydenJ on etsy

this striped canvas bag from HOWEVER. another one that’s been on my favorites list for a while. wouldn’t you like to bring this to the beach?

photo credit: HOWEVER on etsy

for your home:

this bird mirror from fluxglass. a great way to add some springtime cheer to your home.

photo credit: fluxglass on etsy

these colorful lampshades from illuminatingdesignsK. these would lighten up any room (i’m wondering if i could make something similar myself).

photo credit: illuminatingdesignsK on etsy

this beautiful bubble chandelier from jeanpelle. this one’s way out of my price range, but can’t you imagine the possibilities?

photo credit: jeanpelle on etsy

for your tummy:

this diy macaron kit from theMacaronner. mmmm…..macaron’s are all the rage these days. i’m not sure how they’re made, but a kit like this is sure to make it easy.

photo credit: theMacaronner on etsy

these lollipops from mihow. you can get flavors like peanut butter and banana (the elvis), watermelon and peppercorns (tickled pink), buttered popcorn (the box office), and black pepper ice cream (the pepper pop). i ordered a sampler box of these a while back and promptly finished them all by myself. so yummy.

photo credit: mihow on etsy

these southern pink velvet cookies from crumblescookies. i ordered red velvet cookies from this bakery for my housewarming party and they were amaaazing. if you didn’t get one at the party, it might have been because i stashed a few in the fridge for me. so good, plus lanae was a great seller- she even added an extra half-dozen cookies for me!

photo credit: crumblescookies on etsy

click here to see all my etsy favorites and add me to your circle!

on a related note, i’ve been asked a lot lately if i have an etsy shop or if i plan to sell any of my art/crafts there. i don’t think i have a clear enough vision for my creative side yet to make that jump, but maybe someday (my blog name still is saving artist ryan). i’m always thinking/dreaming/planning though!


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