new hobby: cake decorating

i’ve been pursuing LOTS of new hobbies lately. one of the most unexpected? cake decorating. last fall, i bought a groupon for a fondant class at sweet wise in nashville. i was so nervous because fondant seems like such a daunting material to work with. plus i’m not a very good cook. and i’m not very patient. at all. i gave it a shot though and found something else that i love!

cake # 1: christmas themed cake; white cake with buttercream icing

here’s the cake i decorated during my first class. it’s a little lopsided. or whimsical. whichever you prefer.

cake #2: christmas themed cake; red velvet cake with cream cheese icing

i was so stoked to try it again that i went back to sweet wise a week later to buy decorating supplies. i made this christmas present cake for a work party. it was giant- two full sized red velvet cakes! i think it finally got thrown away after the new year.

cake #3: book cake; chocolate fudge cake with strawberry buttercream icing

in january, i hosted book club at my house. i decided to step it up a notch and attempt a book cake. it turned out cute enough considering my lack of expertise. i did learn one important lesson though- make sure the crumb coat of icing on the outside of the cake is as thick as possible (as in, make sure the icing itself is thick, but layer it on really thin). i added strawberry preserves to buttercream, but it ended up being a little runny. pink juice was running out from all sides of the cake!

cakes #4 and 5: mini birthday cakes; chocolate cake with chocolate icing

in march, i made this small cake for my sweet friend kim’s birthday. i only used half of the cake, so it was the perfect size for just one person. this might be my favorite cake yet! i love the little stitching details.

finally, i used the rest of the kim’s cake to make a cake for my friend brad’s birthday. i visited him in new orleans for mardi gras and it also happened to be his birthday that weekend. so i attempted a mini mardi gras whimsical cake. i was decorating this one at the last minute before my flight left the next morning, and it was almost a disaster. i learned the hard way that black fondant is almost impossible to make (fyi buy it; don’t try to use food color), so i ended up having to scrap my whole idea and start over with just a little fondant left.

this cake got the special treat of flying to new orleans. and of course the security guy shook the box before i could tell him what was in it. and then once we got there it was pouring, so the humidity make the poor cake melt a little (ok a lot), but it still tasted yummy (thanks to my friends brigett and luann. their chocolate cake recipe is amazing).

i’ve got some ideas for some upcoming cakes. now i just need to find some time and an event that won’t require me to take the extra cake home with me- because i will eat it!

{side-note: some of these pictures are terrible! i apologize. stay tuned though for some exciting related news}


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