birthday love

my new camera’s first foray into the real world happened this past weekend at my 27th birthday party. my sweet friend rose decided to throw me a party just a few days before, and despite the short notice it turned out perfect. i decided at the last minute (literally, the day before the party) that i wanted to set up a photo booth. i have been loving this trend lately. a few of my favorite examples are from blair’s wedding, mr. humperdink’s (he’s a cat by the way) birthday party, and cady’s wedding. let’s face it though, i don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, so i decided to go the mr. humperdink route and get in my photo booth fix at a birthday party.

on friday night, rose and i set out to michaels to buy the supplies: scapbook paper (14 cents on clearance, yes please) and raffia for the bunting, foam sheets and dowel rods for the funny accessories, a chalkboard, and a bubble gun. on saturday we hit the nashville flea market in search of project supplies for me (coming soon!) and we found a great wooden frame that i slapped some purple paint on an hour before the party. we added a white sheet backdrop and a cool old bench and we were photo booth ready!

i wasn’t totally happy with the way the pictures turned out quality-wise, but i’ll chalk that up to lack of experience and poor lighting. i do love the festiveness and the beautiful people in them. this girl has a wonderful group of friends. here are a few of my favorites of the night.

me with my lovely friends, kim and rose

rose with double props!

tab with the c. brothers

sweet blair (the one with the fun wedding photo booth), me, and blair's hubby wade

the best music-mixer jon

cute couple cal and sheena

sammy and nick in their matching get-ups

jen, rose, me, and meg. i love these girls!



One Comment on “birthday love”

  1. I missed you-would have loved the party-maybe next year. Happy birthday, my sweet Ryan. I wish you many more! I love you, mama

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