easter fun

happy easter! what a lovely weekend full of sunshine, weddings, dancing, yummy food, and family-like friends. i celebrated this day with a perfect easter dinner with some of my favorites.

i contributed a squash casserole (mmm) and took a shot at this triple chocolate applesauce bundt cake from brunchner (double mmm).

and then, despite that we’re knocking on 30’s door, we dyed eggs! i consider this my creative project for the day. so fun!

i hope you had a lovely easter, too!


upcycle: vanity chair

i’ve been searching for the perfect chair for my lovely vanity for months. it had to be just small enough and just old enough and just cheap enough. that ended up being a pretty tall order.

i finally found it at a local furniture consignment shop- remix furniture! i love, loved this store. you should definitely check it out! the chair was hiding in a dark corner of the store and it was perfect except for its ugliness (ha). it definitely needed some tlc, so to my house it went. here’s the before {blah!}:

and here’s the after {ah!}. i wanted it to look a bit rustic and old to match the vanity. i love what a little sandpaper, stain, and cool fabric can do!

and here’s my sweet girl testing out the chair and modeling her new etsy nametag.

diy: april showers yarn wreath

remember the ol’ yarn wreath that i first made for christmas and then revamped for valentine’s day? today was a very stormy day in nashville, so i decided to give the wreath a makeover to reflect these april showers.

such a happy little rain cloud.

diy: anthro owl sandals on the cheap

i fell in love with these wise walker sandals from anthropologie the moment i saw them.

source: anthropologie

i did not, however, fall in love with the price tag. $148! this seemed a little much for something that i likely won’t wear beyond this season, so i decided to make my own version. i found some similar gold sandals at dsw for $35 (with my birthday coupon) and two owl necklaces on ebay for $3 a piece. i got my anthro-style sandals for a fraction of the price and it was as easy as 1, 2, 3!

UPDATE: i used regular thread to attach the owls- i just wrapped it through the hinges of the owls and around the top of the shoe (no actual sewing required!). turns out that the regular thread is too thin, so it started breaking as soon as i walked. i’m going to redo them with something thicker, like embroidery thread.