diy: april showers yarn wreath

remember the ol’ yarn wreath that i first made for christmas and then revamped for valentine’s day? today was a very stormy day in nashville, so i decided to give the wreath a makeover to reflect these april showers.

such a happy little rain cloud.


6 Comments on “diy: april showers yarn wreath”

  1. grandma says:

    you are so talented honey, I just cant wait to see what you will come up with next..I love your little stormy clouds..hope for sunshine tomorrow

  2. This is so cute-especially ‘cuter’ than the weather! I think it’s so original-Love it!

  3. Cindy Rose says:

    How did you make that? It’s super cute!! :)

    • ryanpamela says:

      Thank you! It was really easy. I found a stencil of a cute cloud and raindrop online. I cut out two fabric versions of each for the front and the back. I used embroidery thread to stich around the outside and stuffed with batting. And here’s my DIY for the yarn wreath itself: Thanks for checking out my blog! I’d love to see your finished product if you make one!

    • Beverly says:

      some things:1. had a setald carmel hot chocolate with davi last week. probably the best drink i’ve ever had there. we are highly anticipating our next hang out sesh.2. i love these wreaths. 3. i also like your nail polish.4. loves.

  4. Ignacio says:

    I don’t think you’re giving yoseurlf enough credit here! You guys did a great job. I love that it’s not like every other wreath out there. How fun that you could do it with your little guy too!Take care,Lori

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