upcycle: vanity chair

i’ve been searching for the perfect chair for my lovely vanity for months. it had to be just small enough and just old enough and just cheap enough. that ended up being a pretty tall order.

i finally found it at a local furniture consignment shop- remix furniture! i love, loved this store. you should definitely check it out! the chair was hiding in a dark corner of the store and it was perfect except for its ugliness (ha). it definitely needed some tlc, so to my house it went. here’s the before {blah!}:

and here’s the after {ah!}. i wanted it to look a bit rustic and old to match the vanity. i love what a little sandpaper, stain, and cool fabric can do!

and here’s my sweet girl testing out the chair and modeling her new etsy nametag.


One Comment on “upcycle: vanity chair”

  1. Brig says:

    That looks great!! Mom has always had trouble finding chairs/stools for vanities. Can’t wait to come for a visit and I am very interested in paying a visit to this little shop!

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