baking experiment: cupcake pops

i’ve been wanting to attempt cake pops for a while now, and i finally got my opportunity when i found out my former coworkers were throwing me a good-bye party. i followed bakerella’s directions for cupcake pops- she makes lovely treats!

i didn’t have much time to make these because it was my last week at work, so i used a mix this time. plus, i was worried i would mess up the consistency if i made a cake from scratch, and cake balls that fall apart wouldn’t make good cake pops. i went with red velvet cake and cream cheese icing.

here’s what you need:

1 box of cake mix
1 can of icing
flower shaped cookie cutter
lollipop sticks
melting chocolate in a few colors (i used brown, white, green, and purple)
clear bags and ribbon

first, make the cake as directed and let it cool.

second, mash the cake into fine crumbles. add the can of frosting and mix it all together. mixing with your hands works best!

after everything is mixed, roll the cake into 1.5 inch balls and place on a wax-papered cookie sheet. place in the fridge for at least a few hours (i kept them in there overnight). a half hour in the freezer would work too.

if you want cake balls, you’re ready to dip at this point. i decided to take them a step up and make them look like cupcakes (i wouldn’t actually recommend this your first time. lesson learned). use a small flower cookie cutter on the bottom half of the ball. shape the top into a pretty mound. my cake wasn’t sticking together all that well, so this was a bit difficult. maybe if i had put them in the freezer for a little while instead?

and here’s the point where i forgot to document. my hometown was experiencing a tornado at the moment and i was a nervous wreck. i had a hard time with the dipping because of the said nervousness and my chronic impatience. i persevered though and here’s how i decorated them:

1) melt the brown melting chocolate carefully in the microwave.

2) holding the tops of the cupcakes, dip the botttoms into the chocolate. lay upside down on the wax paper.

3) insert lollipop sticks (found at michaels) into the bottoms of the pops before the chocolate dries.

4) melt another color of melting chocolate and dip the tops of the cupcakes.

5) add sprinkles before the chocolate dries and stand upright in a piece of styrofoam or a cup.

for a nice finishing touch, add mini candy bags and tie with a ribbon.

has anyone tried to make these? if so, let me know how they turned out!


the next cool thing:

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i’m an artist, not an athlete

ok, i don’t really consider myself an artist either, but i’m definitely not an athlete. this post doesn’t really have anything to do with being especially creative, but it does have everything to do with saving artist ryan. that’s what’s important, right? i completed my first 1/2 marathon on april 30- the country music 1/2 in nashville! i started training to run/walk it in january. i hadn’t exercised much at all for a while (oops), so training was quite the uphill battle for me. despite my periodic frustration with the training, the race was AWESOME. i still walked some of it (that was what i was training to do. wasn’t expecting a miracle), but i felt so good the whole time (except for a little struggle at mile 11)! and i got a medal! maybe everyone else got a medal, too, but i’m going to ignore that fact. now, i need to motivate myself to train for another one! maybe i’ll even train for speed!

i know i probably should have done this BEFORE the 1/2 marathon, but i’m running my first 5k on may 21- ellie’s run for africa in nashville. join me and support a great cause!

sweets and treats all around

after three years working at vanderbilt, i’ve finally moved on to something new (details soon). before i left, though, my sweet coworkers at vandy threw me a going away party. it was so creative and lovely that i just had to share.

baker-extraordinaire michele made a take-out dessert plate for the party. such a great idea! she made fortune cookies out of caramel- complete with real fortunes.

the fried rice and noodle take-out boxes were actually cupcakes covered with rice crispies, icing, and laffy taffy candy!

look at that broccoli!

i brought some treats to the party as well. stay tuned for details via a couple diy posts.

my coworkers surprised me with one of the sweetest gifts i’ve ever received. they created a beautiful tree with paper leaves. everyone decorated the leaves with sweet notes, inspiring quotes, and even poems. i couldn’t believe they made the effort. i definitely cried a little at work!

such a whirlwind week (and there’s still more to come)!

sweet home alabama

photo credit: charles whisenant, arab tribune

i’ve been mia for the past few weeks! tons has happened- good, bad, and tragic. i’ll recap my life changes later, but first i want to touch on the horrendous tornadoes that destroyed so much of the south on april 27. much of my home town of arab, alabama- pictured above- was annihilated, including the community where i grew up. somehow my childhood home was spared, as well as my mom who was holed up in the basement the whole day. i haven’t seen the damage in person yet- in arab or my college town of tuscaloosa- but i know the pain of destruction that everyone is feeling.

any help you can provide to those who have lost everything would be appreciated. if you’d like to give to my hometown of arab directly, visit

photo credit:

here’s another option. the people who designed the t-shirts after the nashville flood last year are back again with designs that profit the tornado victims. i’ve already placed my order. please consider doing the same in support of those who lost everything.