sweets and treats all around

after three years working at vanderbilt, i’ve finally moved on to something new (details soon). before i left, though, my sweet coworkers at vandy threw me a going away party. it was so creative and lovely that i just had to share.

baker-extraordinaire michele made a take-out dessert plate for the party. such a great idea! she made fortune cookies out of caramel- complete with real fortunes.

the fried rice and noodle take-out boxes were actually cupcakes covered with rice crispies, icing, and laffy taffy candy!

look at that broccoli!

i brought some treats to the party as well. stay tuned for details via a couple diy posts.

my coworkers surprised me with one of the sweetest gifts i’ve ever received. they created a beautiful tree with paper leaves. everyone decorated the leaves with sweet notes, inspiring quotes, and even poems. i couldn’t believe they made the effort. i definitely cried a little at work!

such a whirlwind week (and there’s still more to come)!


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