the next cool thing:

as i previously mentioned, i have a new job! i’m an analyst at a new social networking site- Here’s the description on the website:

Welcome to KRUSH.  Can you spot the next style or product before everyone else? Friends always following your lead?  Well here’s your chance to show what you’ve got and get seriously rewarded.

Be the first to post a product or style that YOU have wanted or seen and hype it up.  When your friends (and thousands of others) like it too and start crowding around it, it can be yours. We call that “Krushin’ it!”  You can post your own picks, or rate someone else’s…even sneak a peek at your favorite brands’ future collections and add your two cents about what’s going to take off.   You’ll earn kred and free product when you predict right.  Game on…

Why should so-called “experts” tell you whats going to be huge. Get with your friends and thousands of others and decide for yourselves at

sooo, you get to post things you love and you can see and rate upcoming not-yet-released lines from awesome brands! rate items and refer your friends- your chances of winning increase the more you play! so check it out! my job depends on you providing me data! ha!


make my day. leave me a comment!

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