diy: mason jar chandelier

i’ve been working on a very big, very exciting project (hint hint), but the big reveal will come later- hopefully sometime this week. in the meantime, here’s a mini project within the big project.

i’ve been dreaming about a mason jar chandelier for a while now. they’re all over etsy as well as the blogosphere. the diy blogs i kept finding were a little too complex for my simple abilities. i don’t really want to get into wiring and all the dangerous stuff, so i had to figure out another way to make my vision come to life. this chandelier plugs straight into the wall, so if you have a way to hide the wire, then this is a really easy and safe project for you to recreate!

here’s what you need:

  • mason jars. i used three of varying sizes because it was going in a small space. use as many as you desire, though!
  • lamp kits. you’ll need as many as you have mason jars. i found mine at world market.
  • heavy gauge aluminum wire
  • scissors
  • ice pick, or something else sharp to make a hole in the mason jar lid
  • low wattage light bulbs (i’m using 11 watts)

{step one} using your ice pick or other sharp item, punch a whole into the lid of the jar. make the hole as large as possible because you need to get scissors in the opening (warning: i know i don’t always do things in the most sophisticated way possible. i basically make things up as i go, so feel free to make a prettier hole than i did. maybe using a drill? dang, why didn’t i think of that earlier).

{step two} using your scissors, make the whole big enough to fit the end of the lamp kit through. once i had made a significant hole, i cut slits in the circle so i could fold the metal down as needed.

{step three} slip the end of the lamp kit through the rim of the lid and into your newly created hole. if you used the slit method, the metal should be somewhat flexible. screw the plastic stopper that came with the lamp kit on. insert the light bulbs and screw on the jar.

{step four} wrap each of the lamp kits in aluminum wire.  i did this for merely aesthetic purposes, so change this out with another material if you’d prefer. i wrapped all three of the cords, arranged them like i wanted them, and then wrapped the three cords together with the same wire.

{step five} hang the chandelier in your desired spot and plug it in.

{step six} turn it on and enjoy!

{step seven} stay tuned for the unveiling of the location of my mason jar chandelier!

have you attempted one of these? i’d love to see how yours turned out!

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5 Comments on “diy: mason jar chandelier”

  1. This is the cutest chandelier! it works perfectly where you are using it. I love it! I don’t know you moved this into your dining room-but you made it! Another nice thing is that the main product is multifunctional. I also love your color combinations. I wish I was brave enough to take some risks with my things!

  2. Can’t go now but I would love to travel with you-so don’t forget to ask!!!!!
    LOVE, Mama

  3. […] Mason Jar chandelier, a little bit down home country a little bit hipster chic, call it what you want but it looks amazing! […]

  4. mat says:

    did you wire all three light to one plug? or do you have to plug all three in separately?

    • ryanpamela says:

      I’m not very electrically-inclined, so i plugged all three into a surge protector and leave them in the on-position. I just have to hit the switch on the surge protector to turn on all the lights.

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