tut tut, it looks like rain

it’s a stormy, stormy day in nashville and i am getting over a little sickness. so instead of being productive on this gloomy day, i’m laying in bed looking up happy things online while my little doggie burrows under the covers (she’s so scared of storms). while perusing my etsy favorites i realized how many rain-related things i’ve had my eye on. here are some of my favs:

i’m in my late 20’s and i still have a thing for stuffed animals- or in this case stuffed clouds. that’s ok, right? i definitely want to hug this cloud.

source: goodbyebluemonday on etsy

such a pretty little rain cloud necklace. i bet my dog wouldn’t be scared of this sweet storm.

source: exodesign on etsy

if i had a baby, it would definitely have a rain cloud mobile. this was my inspiration for my latest yarn wreath.

source: babyjives on etsy

these are rain drop necklaces, but i’d love to have them hanging all over my condo just like this!

source: Kosmika on etsy

now that my sewing machine is easily accessible, thanks to my craft space, sewn paper rain drops like these might be on my to do list.

source: kategreiner on etsy

the name of this necklace is “big rain drops on my tiny umbrella”- so cute

source: plasticouture on etsy

lovely, lovely rain drop print. the colors are perfect.

source: PrissDesigns on etsy

and for your viewing pleasure, here’s my favorite, winnie the pooh, being a little black rain cloud, of course {{sidenote: i think i’ve posted two videos ever on my blog and they’ve both been from winnie the pooh. weird? awesome? who’s excited about the upcoming pooh movie?!}}


2 Comments on “tut tut, it looks like rain”

  1. Cute! Could it be that you still like Pooh because your daddy called you Pooh or Pooh Bear as a nickname for much of your life? Sweet memories……

  2. I almost never check emails. Non non, my pet, the sperm donor daddy never had cutest nicknames for his babygirl that she can recall. perhaps he reserved those for his mistresses? then? who knows….not to worry, tho, I ended up with a few. TN WMS play character ref. Not a lie.sadly…Zelda….after Fitzgerald….once upon a time in a galaxy far far away lived right down the street from where she went up in flames….since you rock at keep ’em guessin’ games….hehe. no spy!!!!! coldplay. aaawwwwwww!!!!!!! blanche;) luvzya truly madly & deeplyXXX&alsosome 00000hhh jamesses…..silly…me….having a connery moment….( happens )….Pinky

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