diy: festive felt fall garland

despite blogging so highly about my favorite season last week, nature has been a bit cruel, as i’ve been under the weather for a week now. one advantage of staying in is that i’ve had time to work on some projects! first up, this adorable fall garland from a beautiful mess that i was ogling during my last post:

source: a beautiful mess

luckily i already had all the supplies- twine and felt- in my craft cabinet. after a few hours of cutting and stringing while watching a saturday morning movie, i had completed my first fall craft project. what do you think?

now, on to my halloween costume! can’t wait to share with you guys (assuming it actually comes together. fingers crossed!)



7 Comments on “diy: festive felt fall garland”

  1. Toni Hunt says:

    Awesome that you used twine, very fall-ish. I love it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing to see you cut and tie and chat and end up with something simple and sweet that adds so much character to your ‘decor’! Love it !

  3. Brigett says:

    Looks great! I finished my wreath Sunday afternoon and we do have the same color felt! So glad we got to hang out this weekend!

  4. Cool felty leaves. Did you take that last photo? I like it. I like them all, but I like the last one especially. Hope you’re feeling better.

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