catching up in ten photos

oh hey, so this is the second time i’ve forgotten to blog for six months (almost seven, dang). but it’s been a pretty crazy six months, so try to forgive me. that is assuming anyone is still out there.

i’ve got a pretty exciting post coming up in the next few days, but here’s a very quick recap of my year so far.

my last post was around christmas (?!). so, christmas happened. my handmade tree skirt and felted garland  were appreciated. my first christmas at my house was (i think) a success.

mom, bro, furry kids, and me on christmas morning

my sweet new cousin, maddie beth, was born last winter. i got to make a quick trip down to south alabama to meet her.

 in march, i treated myself to a 28th birthday trip. it’s my golden year (i’m 28 on the 28th), so i felt entitled to start it out with a bang.

i visited san francisco

 and portland, oregon.


i might have fallen in love with this guy in o’bryant square.

ace hotel, portland

and i got a tattoo.

it says “create”, lest i should forget

 and then i worked and lived life very unspectacularly. until work transferred me from nashville

to boston.

and so, i’m here in boston. where they laugh when i say y’all and they don’t have air conditioning even though it’s hot, but they do have beaches and baseball and breweries.

i’m working on a new project which i’m really excited about. stay tuned (it won’t take months, promise. i finally bought my domain name and everything, so i can’t let that $18 go to waste).


One Comment on “catching up in ten photos”

  1. Candace Hargraves says:

    Love your blogs-and I’m still out here-never far-in spirit, anyway! Yes you did host a fantastic Christmas, you were a wonderful hostess and i loved being your guest! I’m glad you got to celebrate your ‘special’ birthday in San Francisco and I’m glad you discovered Portland and loved it so much! I hope you are enjoying Boston-I know you well enough to know that you will explore and visit and enjoy all of the city’s resources! I’m still ambivalent about your being in Boston-i want you to be happy but I miss you terribly and want you to be back in the south-hopefully your beloved Nashville! I will support any decision you make about your future but I must say I hope you don’t have to live permanently, so far from home-and us! I am anxious to hear your new information-which I assume involves your future. I’m curious about a domain nane is and what it means. You sound excited about whatever is happening-for that I am grateful! (BTW I wish you wouldn’t say that the last few months of your life uneventful or not fruitful-to me everything you do has meaning and you are always making a contribution. Whether or not you know it, I, and many others consider just your existence and the impact you have on others to be meaningful, eventful and worthwhile. Don’t sell yourself short! You are my daughter, I see into and past those slight statements and know the truth of your spirit and heart. Good luck to you and in all that you have planned for your life. Whether or not you choices and mine are the same, I will always support you and ‘be there’ for you! it doesn’t matter where you go, you can’t get rid of me! We are joined at the rib! I love you, dear sweet daughter. I’ll be watching for your posts! I love you,mama

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