i’m falling for you, fall

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whoa, i do miss blogging when i go mia. i’ve been working non-stop to make krush awesome (what’s krush, you ask?), so many of my creative outlets have been put on the back-burner for a little while. this post is warranted though because i love, love, love fall. seriously, i think i’m my best self when there’s a crisp in the air and my favorite colors are everywhere. here are a few of my favorite inspirations so far this season.

{{{{to wear}}}} 

this festive shrug from Woolbridge on etsy. i need to work on my knitting asap!

this owl shirt from charlotte russe. an owl shirt? yes, please. and at $19.99 i might order this baby. wouldn’t it be cute under an burnt orange cardigan?

i rarely wear heels (because they make me cry. wah), but these stripey heels from lin77 are full of fall loveliness.

{{{{to eat}}}}
i don’t really cook much. like, ever, really. i’m gonna try this though. twice-baked butternut squash? sounds like heaven.

i’m not sure how to make a chocolate mug, but i’d sure like to indulge in one.

{{{{to make}}}}

why hello, all my favorite colors. i’ve gotta make some fall leaves garland (from a beautiful mess) to decorate my home and office.

cuteness. a mummy pumpkin. done and done. i just want to squeeze his little pumpkin cheeks.

and finally, check out this amazing fall wreath from write it down. this makes me insanely happy. it’s first up on my fall diy list!

what’s on your happy list so far this fall?


diy: beach towel beach bag

since my discovery of pinterest a few months ago, my to-make list has increased infinitely. my free time unfortunately hasn’t increased, but i was able to squeeze in one project before i went t to the beach this summer. one of my pinterest finds was this beach towel tote bag from martha stewart:

i didn’t really understand the instructions though, so i decided to make my own version (read: i kept trying to follow martha’s instructions but still ended up with a completely different bag). also, i’m just learning to sew. i’ve gotta say that deciding to sew towel material as a novice wasn’t the best idea. i think i broke four or five needles! proceed with caution!

materials you’ll need:

  • a full-size towel; i used a really giant towel. pick a smaller one if you want a normal-sized bag!
  • a hand towel that’s the same length as the full-size towel is wide
  • leather strips for the straps
  • leather or burlap to reinforce the straps (not pictured)
  • sewing machine

1) fold the big towel in half (inside out) and pin the hand towel down to make a pocket. sew the hand towel on the bottom and two sides. also sew up the middle to make two pockets.

2) turn right-side out and fold in half. fold down the tops a few inches and pin the whole thing together. turn inside-out again and sew the sides together. beware: the fabric gets super thick!!

3) braid together leather strips for your handles. i used six strips per braid. then sew the handles to the inside of your bag.

4) cover the base of the handles with burlap squares. my bag was feeling heavy and i was worried that the handles couldn’t handle the weight (bahaaa), so sewing these squares on added some much needed reinforcement.

and there you have it! now for some awkward photos of me modeling my new bag on the beach!

diy: fourth of july cake pops

it’s been a while since i’ve baked anything, so i thought i’d try another round of cake pops to celebrate the fourth.

i’d love to be someone who always bakes from scratch, but there just isn’t always time for that. plus, i’m not the best baker anyway. that’s why i was excited to find this strawberry cake with cream cheese icing recipe from southern plate– it combines a cake mix and your own fresh ingredients (strawberries!).

here’s what you’ll need for the strawberry cake:

  • 1 package white cake mix
  • 1 cup smashed strawberries
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 package strawberry gelatin (3 ounces) 
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs

you’ll need a cup of smashed strawberries. you could probably use a food processor or a blender, but smashing them in a ziploc bag with a can of beans works just as well. and it’s cathartic.

add the milk, oil, eggs, and gelatin into a bowl.

then add the flour and mix until the batter is smooth.

mix in the cup of strawberries.

pour the batter into a prepared sheet cake pan and bake according to the box (32-36 minutes at 350 degrees).

let the cake cool while you make the icing.

here what you’ll need for the cream cheese icing:

  • 8 ounce cream cheese, room temp
  • 4 tablespoons margarine, room temp
  • 3 cups confectioner’s sugar

blend together all of the ingredients until smooth.

now for the fun part. crumble the cake into bowl of cream cheese icing.

mix it all together with a spoon.

roll the cake into balls. i made these especially giant. place the cake balls into the freezer. these were super gooey, so they needed to be frozen overnight in order to work with them.

finally, here’s what you need for the decorations:

  • red, white, and blue candy melts
  • lollipop sticks
  • red and blue star-shaped sprinkles
  • red and blue edible glitter
  • styrofoam block (not pictured)
  • mini treat bags and ribbon for packaging

add lollipop sticks to the frozen pops and put back in the freezer. i pulled each pop out of the freezer right before i dipped it. warm pops=a giant mess.

melt the candy melts as directed. i found that the best way to do this was with a homemade double boiler. this kept the candy warm and runny.

yum. make sure the heat is really low, otherwise you’ll overcook the candy and it’ll be worthless.

dip the pops one by one and then sprinkle with the glitter or stars.

stick the pops into a styrofoam block for drying.

i ran out of sprinkles, so i had to figure out something else for the remaining pops! i melted candy melts in a ziploc bag, cut a teeny-tiny hole in the bag, and then streaked the tops of the pops with color. my mom would be appalled at the mess i made!

package them in treat bags (or saran wrap if you make giant pops like mine), tie them up with ribbon, and pass them out to all your friends on the fourth of july. i hope that you all have a lovely holiday with friends and family!

tut tut, it looks like rain

it’s a stormy, stormy day in nashville and i am getting over a little sickness. so instead of being productive on this gloomy day, i’m laying in bed looking up happy things online while my little doggie burrows under the covers (she’s so scared of storms). while perusing my etsy favorites i realized how many rain-related things i’ve had my eye on. here are some of my favs:

i’m in my late 20’s and i still have a thing for stuffed animals- or in this case stuffed clouds. that’s ok, right? i definitely want to hug this cloud.

source: goodbyebluemonday on etsy

such a pretty little rain cloud necklace. i bet my dog wouldn’t be scared of this sweet storm.

source: exodesign on etsy

if i had a baby, it would definitely have a rain cloud mobile. this was my inspiration for my latest yarn wreath.

source: babyjives on etsy

these are rain drop necklaces, but i’d love to have them hanging all over my condo just like this!

source: Kosmika on etsy

now that my sewing machine is easily accessible, thanks to my craft space, sewn paper rain drops like these might be on my to do list.

source: kategreiner on etsy

the name of this necklace is “big rain drops on my tiny umbrella”- so cute

source: plasticouture on etsy

lovely, lovely rain drop print. the colors are perfect.

source: PrissDesigns on etsy

and for your viewing pleasure, here’s my favorite, winnie the pooh, being a little black rain cloud, of course {{sidenote: i think i’ve posted two videos ever on my blog and they’ve both been from winnie the pooh. weird? awesome? who’s excited about the upcoming pooh movie?!}}

project art.craft space: complete!

i spoke of an unveiling last week– the time has finally come! i’ve been dreaming about my own art.craft space for a while now. in fact, i’ve been brainstorming for months. well, my dreams have finally come true! i started looking for the perfect piece of furniture a few months ago. thank you craigslist for this awesome find:


it was a beautiful piece of furniture before, but i wanted to transform it into my dream space. this was my first major furniture refinishing project, and i didn’t completely know what i was doing or how it would look when i finished. with a nervous hand i sanded, painted, sanded again, and stained.

the fun part started once the refinishing was complete! i installed my mason jar chandelier, attached my favorite fabric to the back, and added pegboard, fabric-covered cork board, and mason jars for organization.

one of my favorite parts is the chalkboard. i’ve been wanting to find a use for chalkboard paint for a while now! i painted a purple frame on one of the doors and filled it with chalkboard paint. a perfect place to keep my ideas! and now i’ve got a whole can of chalkboard paint to spare. maybe i could use a chalkboard wall, too?!

i finally have a place to store my fabric. one of my favorite things to do is to raid the sale sections of fabric stores. scrap of fabric for 25 cents? don’t mind if i do!

and the organization continues. everything has a place now.

what is your dream art.craft space? how do you like mine? my favorite reaction so far: “i want to crawl in there and live in it.” me too, me too!

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diy: mason jar chandelier

i’ve been working on a very big, very exciting project (hint hint), but the big reveal will come later- hopefully sometime this week. in the meantime, here’s a mini project within the big project.

i’ve been dreaming about a mason jar chandelier for a while now. they’re all over etsy as well as the blogosphere. the diy blogs i kept finding were a little too complex for my simple abilities. i don’t really want to get into wiring and all the dangerous stuff, so i had to figure out another way to make my vision come to life. this chandelier plugs straight into the wall, so if you have a way to hide the wire, then this is a really easy and safe project for you to recreate!

here’s what you need:

  • mason jars. i used three of varying sizes because it was going in a small space. use as many as you desire, though!
  • lamp kits. you’ll need as many as you have mason jars. i found mine at world market.
  • heavy gauge aluminum wire
  • scissors
  • ice pick, or something else sharp to make a hole in the mason jar lid
  • low wattage light bulbs (i’m using 11 watts)

{step one} using your ice pick or other sharp item, punch a whole into the lid of the jar. make the hole as large as possible because you need to get scissors in the opening (warning: i know i don’t always do things in the most sophisticated way possible. i basically make things up as i go, so feel free to make a prettier hole than i did. maybe using a drill? dang, why didn’t i think of that earlier).

{step two} using your scissors, make the whole big enough to fit the end of the lamp kit through. once i had made a significant hole, i cut slits in the circle so i could fold the metal down as needed.

{step three} slip the end of the lamp kit through the rim of the lid and into your newly created hole. if you used the slit method, the metal should be somewhat flexible. screw the plastic stopper that came with the lamp kit on. insert the light bulbs and screw on the jar.

{step four} wrap each of the lamp kits in aluminum wire.  i did this for merely aesthetic purposes, so change this out with another material if you’d prefer. i wrapped all three of the cords, arranged them like i wanted them, and then wrapped the three cords together with the same wire.

{step five} hang the chandelier in your desired spot and plug it in.

{step six} turn it on and enjoy!

{step seven} stay tuned for the unveiling of the location of my mason jar chandelier!

have you attempted one of these? i’d love to see how yours turned out!

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wanna go to paris? me too!!

jordan over at the lovely blog oh happy day has the best giveaway ever. ever! she’s giving away a seven day trip to paris. paris! i’ve never been overseas (which might be one of my biggest regrets to date), so i’m of course hoping to be the lucky, lucky winner. i’d also be happy for you if you won (as long as you take me with you), so click here to enter!