happy holidays: christmas tree skirt + diy felt garland

i was so hoping to do lots and lots of christmas projects this year, but of course work and the usual holiday bustle took priority. i was able to squeeze in a couple of fun things though. i had my first real christmas tree as an adult this year because i was hosting christmas at my {tiny} condo. my big project to compliment my grown-up tree was a tree skirt using some cool vintage christmas fabric i had been holding on to. my inspiration skirt came from baylee from the tanner’s. i followed baylee’s basic instructions, but with a few changes: a) after i cut the fabric i realized i wanted to put a hem on all the rows so it wouldn’t fray. this made all the rows a little narrower so i needed an extra. so, either cut the strips a half inch wider or plan on six rows of ruffles. and b) i ruffled my rows differently. instead of sewing a straight line and pulling the thread to create ruffles, i just set my tension and stitch length to the max and stitched each piece of fabric. super easy way to ruffle!

like i’ve said before, i’m not great a sewing, but i think my tree skirt turned out pretty nice!

the only other holiday project i attempted was felt balls, inspired by this west elm felt garland 

umm, but maybe i should have just bought the garland. felting balls is pretty darn time consuming. martha stewart explains it better, but here’s a quick run-down on the how-to.

1) shape roving wool into a ball that’s about twice the size of your desired ball.

2) dip the wool ball into hot soapy water

3) and shake, shake, shake. shake, shake, shake. dip again. shake, shake, shake. this takes forever. and it makes really awkward noises. this project makes a great giggle-fest if you’re attempting these with your girlfriends.

4) once dry, string the balls and hang on your tree.

i hope you guys had a very merry christmas! and here’s to all of us having more time for blog-worthy projects in the new year!

sunday christmas craft…yarn wreath number two

It was a slightly snowy Sunday here in Nashville, so I took the opportunity to watch lots of movies, drink hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows (not homemade by me though, unfortunately), and make another yarn wreath. I made this one just like the other, and I think it turned out perfectly simple and Christmasy!

diy: christmas yarn wreath

It’s time for holiday crafts!! My month is filling up really quickly, and I NEED to make some time for painting, but I couldn’t resist making something new for Christmas. So, I spent the Thanksgiving holiday working on this yarn wreath with felt Christmas bows. Cute, right?

Here’s what you’ll need:

a wreath form
sheer ribbon or tulle
thick yarn (the thicker the better)
felt for bows
thumb tacks
a stapler
a hot glue gun


And here is a step by step guide. Enjoy!

1) Wrap the wreath form with the batting. Use thumb tacks on what will be the back of the wreath to secure the batting.

2) Wrap the form in tulle or a sheer ribbon. I’m not sure this step was totally necessary, but it made the wrapping of the yarn easier. Again, secure the tulle with a thumb tack.

3) Wrap the wreath form in your yarn of choice. A bit tedious, but cathartic. Tie off the end when you finish.

5) Now it’s time to decorate it! I decide to make Christmas bows out of strips of felt. I found a great tutorial on How About Orange. Cut a 9×12 sheet of felt into 9 strips, about 1/2 inch each. Luckily, straight strips weren’t necessary, as I obviously didn’t achieve them.

6) Cut one inch off three of the strips and two inches of three of the strips.

7) Twist the strips into figure-eights and staple them in the middle.

8 ) Using a hot glue gun, glue the figure-eights one on top on another. Use a scrap piece of felt to create a little loop to glue to the top of the bow. Experiment with sizes and colors. Attach the bows as you see fit onto the wreath. I used push pins to attach them  instead of glue in case I want to use the base wreath for a non-Christmas decoration. 

What are your favorite Christmas crafts?