diy: anthro bib necklace on the cheap

source: anthropologie

check out this necklace from anthroplogie. it’s beautiful, right? i really, really wanted it- at least until i saw the pricetag. $368! i immediately decided that instead of really, really wanting it, i really, really wanted to make a knock-off.

old lucketts is so amazing. go there.

so, while perusing old lucketts store, an amazing antique shop outside dc, my friends and i decided to have a craft night, which meant i had a perfect excuse to make my necklace. i didn’t have any supplies with me since i was on vacation (including a good camera, boo. apologies), so i had to buy everything. i spent about $50, but you can likely make this necklace for even less $$$ if you have some of the supplies on hand.

here’s what you’ll need:

  • 5 pendants. they can all be the same or different, just make sure they have enough holes to create an interesting effect. i found mine at michaels and joann.
  • about 6 colors of embroidery thread
  • about 8 beads, 2 sizes (2 large and 6 small)
  • three varying chains
  • a clasp and small round findings to connect everything
  • embroidery needles
  • small pliers

{step 1} using your embroidery thread and a needle, weave different colors of the thread throughout the pendants. this is pretty time-consuming and possibly the reason anthro’s original costs $368. just a warning.

{step 2} arrange the pendants and connect them with the small round findings.

{step 3} add a finding to the top of the upper pendants. string four beads together, add another finding, and attach to the pendants.

{step 4} attach the three chains to a finding, cut to size, attach to the necklace. repeat on the other side.

{step 5} add a clasp.

{step 6} enjoy the necklace and all the compliments!


i’m falling for you, fall

ahh! can't find the source! message me if you know.

whoa, i do miss blogging when i go mia. i’ve been working non-stop to make krush awesome (what’s krush, you ask?), so many of my creative outlets have been put on the back-burner for a little while. this post is warranted though because i love, love, love fall. seriously, i think i’m my best self when there’s a crisp in the air and my favorite colors are everywhere. here are a few of my favorite inspirations so far this season.

{{{{to wear}}}} 

this festive shrug from Woolbridge on etsy. i need to work on my knitting asap!

this owl shirt from charlotte russe. an owl shirt? yes, please. and at $19.99 i might order this baby. wouldn’t it be cute under an burnt orange cardigan?

i rarely wear heels (because they make me cry. wah), but these stripey heels from lin77 are full of fall loveliness.

{{{{to eat}}}}
i don’t really cook much. like, ever, really. i’m gonna try this though. twice-baked butternut squash? sounds like heaven.

i’m not sure how to make a chocolate mug, but i’d sure like to indulge in one.

{{{{to make}}}}

why hello, all my favorite colors. i’ve gotta make some fall leaves garland (from a beautiful mess) to decorate my home and office.

cuteness. a mummy pumpkin. done and done. i just want to squeeze his little pumpkin cheeks.

and finally, check out this amazing fall wreath from write it down. this makes me insanely happy. it’s first up on my fall diy list!

what’s on your happy list so far this fall?

project art.craft space: complete!

i spoke of an unveiling last week– the time has finally come! i’ve been dreaming about my own art.craft space for a while now. in fact, i’ve been brainstorming for months. well, my dreams have finally come true! i started looking for the perfect piece of furniture a few months ago. thank you craigslist for this awesome find:


it was a beautiful piece of furniture before, but i wanted to transform it into my dream space. this was my first major furniture refinishing project, and i didn’t completely know what i was doing or how it would look when i finished. with a nervous hand i sanded, painted, sanded again, and stained.

the fun part started once the refinishing was complete! i installed my mason jar chandelier, attached my favorite fabric to the back, and added pegboard, fabric-covered cork board, and mason jars for organization.

one of my favorite parts is the chalkboard. i’ve been wanting to find a use for chalkboard paint for a while now! i painted a purple frame on one of the doors and filled it with chalkboard paint. a perfect place to keep my ideas! and now i’ve got a whole can of chalkboard paint to spare. maybe i could use a chalkboard wall, too?!

i finally have a place to store my fabric. one of my favorite things to do is to raid the sale sections of fabric stores. scrap of fabric for 25 cents? don’t mind if i do!

and the organization continues. everything has a place now.

what is your dream art.craft space? how do you like mine? my favorite reaction so far: “i want to crawl in there and live in it.” me too, me too!

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sweets and treats all around

after three years working at vanderbilt, i’ve finally moved on to something new (details soon). before i left, though, my sweet coworkers at vandy threw me a going away party. it was so creative and lovely that i just had to share.

baker-extraordinaire michele made a take-out dessert plate for the party. such a great idea! she made fortune cookies out of caramel- complete with real fortunes.

the fried rice and noodle take-out boxes were actually cupcakes covered with rice crispies, icing, and laffy taffy candy!

look at that broccoli!

i brought some treats to the party as well. stay tuned for details via a couple diy posts.

my coworkers surprised me with one of the sweetest gifts i’ve ever received. they created a beautiful tree with paper leaves. everyone decorated the leaves with sweet notes, inspiring quotes, and even poems. i couldn’t believe they made the effort. i definitely cried a little at work!

such a whirlwind week (and there’s still more to come)!

easter fun

happy easter! what a lovely weekend full of sunshine, weddings, dancing, yummy food, and family-like friends. i celebrated this day with a perfect easter dinner with some of my favorites.

i contributed a squash casserole (mmm) and took a shot at this triple chocolate applesauce bundt cake from brunchner (double mmm).

and then, despite that we’re knocking on 30’s door, we dyed eggs! i consider this my creative project for the day. so fun!

i hope you had a lovely easter, too!

project art.craft space + new blog design


photo credit: everythingetsy

I LOVE my new condo. It’s really small though and lacks sufficient closet space (it was built in 1930. no modern walk-in for me), so everything has to have a place or the whole apartment quickly becomes a disaster. In recent weeks I’ve decided that I need a workspace to house all my currently disorganized painting (which I will get back to) and craft supplies. All my supplies are currently thrown in giant Michaels bags and are stowed wherever I can find a spot. I don’t have a lot of extra room to work with, but I’m thinking that I can turn a wall in my tiny dining room into a craft corner. Here’s the space as it is now. I never use this desk. It stores some files and random desk-y things, but I don’t ever sit here. So, how can I transform the 2×5 space?

Here are some of my favorite craft corner inspirations, mostly from everythingetsy. I could probably create something like this using the desk I have now. Paint the desk a fun color and find a cute old hutch with doors.

photo credit: everythingetsy

I’m in love with this one. The bright colors. The closeable doors. If I could find a similar computer armoire that’s small enough, something like this could be a definite possibility.

photo credit: everythingetsy

Like I said, I lack closet space as it is, so I don’t have the necessary extra closet laying around to create this beauty. This office space is decorated completely in a double-doored closet. So charming! I want to work here every day!

photo credit: everythingetsy

Finally, check out this one from It’s two books cases latched together to make a completely hideable workspace. The website has DIY instructions, and it doesn’t appear to be TOO difficult. Something like this is on my short list.

photo credit: marthastewart

photo credit: marthastewart











What’s your dream work space? Want to help me create mine?!

Oh, I’m finally taking some time to redesign my blog a little. I still haven’t taken that Illustrator class, so it’s slow going {{google search: how to create a circle in Illustrator. ha}}. Still soliciting help. I’ll bring wine if you bring knowledge. How do you like the changes so far?

diy: christmas yarn wreath

It’s time for holiday crafts!! My month is filling up really quickly, and I NEED to make some time for painting, but I couldn’t resist making something new for Christmas. So, I spent the Thanksgiving holiday working on this yarn wreath with felt Christmas bows. Cute, right?

Here’s what you’ll need:

a wreath form
sheer ribbon or tulle
thick yarn (the thicker the better)
felt for bows
thumb tacks
a stapler
a hot glue gun


And here is a step by step guide. Enjoy!

1) Wrap the wreath form with the batting. Use thumb tacks on what will be the back of the wreath to secure the batting.

2) Wrap the form in tulle or a sheer ribbon. I’m not sure this step was totally necessary, but it made the wrapping of the yarn easier. Again, secure the tulle with a thumb tack.

3) Wrap the wreath form in your yarn of choice. A bit tedious, but cathartic. Tie off the end when you finish.

5) Now it’s time to decorate it! I decide to make Christmas bows out of strips of felt. I found a great tutorial on How About Orange. Cut a 9×12 sheet of felt into 9 strips, about 1/2 inch each. Luckily, straight strips weren’t necessary, as I obviously didn’t achieve them.

6) Cut one inch off three of the strips and two inches of three of the strips.

7) Twist the strips into figure-eights and staple them in the middle.

8 ) Using a hot glue gun, glue the figure-eights one on top on another. Use a scrap piece of felt to create a little loop to glue to the top of the bow. Experiment with sizes and colors. Attach the bows as you see fit onto the wreath. I used push pins to attach them  instead of glue in case I want to use the base wreath for a non-Christmas decoration. 

What are your favorite Christmas crafts?