diy: anthro bib necklace on the cheap

source: anthropologie

check out this necklace from anthroplogie. it’s beautiful, right? i really, really wanted it- at least until i saw the pricetag. $368! i immediately decided that instead of really, really wanting it, i really, really wanted to make a knock-off.

old lucketts is so amazing. go there.

so, while perusing old lucketts store, an amazing antique shop outside dc, my friends and i decided to have a craft night, which meant i had a perfect excuse to make my necklace. i didn’t have any supplies with me since i was on vacation (including a good camera, boo. apologies), so i had to buy everything. i spent about $50, but you can likely make this necklace for even less $$$ if you have some of the supplies on hand.

here’s what you’ll need:

  • 5 pendants. they can all be the same or different, just make sure they have enough holes to create an interesting effect. i found mine at michaels and joann.
  • about 6 colors of embroidery thread
  • about 8 beads, 2 sizes (2 large and 6 small)
  • three varying chains
  • a clasp and small round findings to connect everything
  • embroidery needles
  • small pliers

{step 1} using your embroidery thread and a needle, weave different colors of the thread throughout the pendants. this is pretty time-consuming and possibly the reason anthro’s original costs $368. just a warning.

{step 2} arrange the pendants and connect them with the small round findings.

{step 3} add a finding to the top of the upper pendants. string four beads together, add another finding, and attach to the pendants.

{step 4} attach the three chains to a finding, cut to size, attach to the necklace. repeat on the other side.

{step 5} add a clasp.

{step 6} enjoy the necklace and all the compliments!


catching up in ten photos

oh hey, so this is the second time i’ve forgotten to blog for six months (almost seven, dang). but it’s been a pretty crazy six months, so try to forgive me. that is assuming anyone is still out there.

i’ve got a pretty exciting post coming up in the next few days, but here’s a very quick recap of my year so far.

my last post was around christmas (?!). so, christmas happened. my handmade tree skirt and felted garland  were appreciated. my first christmas at my house was (i think) a success.

mom, bro, furry kids, and me on christmas morning

my sweet new cousin, maddie beth, was born last winter. i got to make a quick trip down to south alabama to meet her.

 in march, i treated myself to a 28th birthday trip. it’s my golden year (i’m 28 on the 28th), so i felt entitled to start it out with a bang.

i visited san francisco

 and portland, oregon.


i might have fallen in love with this guy in o’bryant square.

ace hotel, portland

and i got a tattoo.

it says “create”, lest i should forget

 and then i worked and lived life very unspectacularly. until work transferred me from nashville

to boston.

and so, i’m here in boston. where they laugh when i say y’all and they don’t have air conditioning even though it’s hot, but they do have beaches and baseball and breweries.

i’m working on a new project which i’m really excited about. stay tuned (it won’t take months, promise. i finally bought my domain name and everything, so i can’t let that $18 go to waste).

project art.craft space + new blog design


photo credit: everythingetsy

I LOVE my new condo. It’s really small though and lacks sufficient closet space (it was built in 1930. no modern walk-in for me), so everything has to have a place or the whole apartment quickly becomes a disaster. In recent weeks I’ve decided that I need a workspace to house all my currently disorganized painting (which I will get back to) and craft supplies. All my supplies are currently thrown in giant Michaels bags and are stowed wherever I can find a spot. I don’t have a lot of extra room to work with, but I’m thinking that I can turn a wall in my tiny dining room into a craft corner. Here’s the space as it is now. I never use this desk. It stores some files and random desk-y things, but I don’t ever sit here. So, how can I transform the 2×5 space?

Here are some of my favorite craft corner inspirations, mostly from everythingetsy. I could probably create something like this using the desk I have now. Paint the desk a fun color and find a cute old hutch with doors.

photo credit: everythingetsy

I’m in love with this one. The bright colors. The closeable doors. If I could find a similar computer armoire that’s small enough, something like this could be a definite possibility.

photo credit: everythingetsy

Like I said, I lack closet space as it is, so I don’t have the necessary extra closet laying around to create this beauty. This office space is decorated completely in a double-doored closet. So charming! I want to work here every day!

photo credit: everythingetsy

Finally, check out this one from It’s two books cases latched together to make a completely hideable workspace. The website has DIY instructions, and it doesn’t appear to be TOO difficult. Something like this is on my short list.

photo credit: marthastewart

photo credit: marthastewart











What’s your dream work space? Want to help me create mine?!

Oh, I’m finally taking some time to redesign my blog a little. I still haven’t taken that Illustrator class, so it’s slow going {{google search: how to create a circle in Illustrator. ha}}. Still soliciting help. I’ll bring wine if you bring knowledge. How do you like the changes so far?