art+learning+beauty: gryphon design collective

 i know i promised some big news, so here it is! i’m very excited to announce my newest venture- gryphon design collective. i’ve been working with michele slobin apprille for a number of months now with the development of the collective.

gryphon recruits world-wide talent in the field of graphic design, fine art, and creative writing. all of our products are printed in the usa and made with recycled materials.

one of gryphon’s proudest accomplishments thus far is the introduction of our customized children’s books. we’re one of the only companies out there to offer image capture technology, which allows the child to be painted right into the story. these books are beautifully written and illustrated by designers from our collective.

gryphon also produces learning language games that inspire kids to learn while they play. pretty cute, right?

in addition to making reading and learning more fun and creative for the kiddos, we also strive to promote our wonderful collection of designers. we’ve got fine art cards and notebooks for every aesthetic taste.

designers from left to right: jenikah joy, usa / juan milewski, argentina / gregery miller, usa / david faust, usa  / yuriy ratush, ukraine 

this has been such a fun and creative adventure for me- i’m proud to be a part of something so beautiful. if you think these products are as lovely as i do, please support us by making a purchase! you can even use promo code rhx10 to save 20%!


what’s more fun than doing? planning. ipad style.

my ipad just became more than a kindle! i got an ipad for christmas determined to use it for all my creative endeavors. but, to date, i’ve read books on it…checked facebook..and doodled a little using a few painting and sketch apps. all that will change now that i’ve found my new favorite app- moodboard. it allows me to easily brainstorm ideas for various projects. i can clip photos from the web, pull in my saved photos, create custom color palettes, and add text. additionally, it’s just super fun to use! the app is so intuitive and easy to use. it kind of reminds me of those futuristic movies where they just flick everything around with their fingers on the computer screens (know what i’m talking about? am i the only one that wanted to play on one?). the moodboard above shows my current ideas about a painting i’m working on (ok, thinking about working on) for my bedroom. i’ve got these three giant canvases to cover and i’m nervous! the moodboard has already substantially increased my progress on this project!…go test out the free version, but i promise you’ll be back for the full version within ten minutes! who knew brainstorming could be so lovely?