happy h’owl’oween!

yes, i’m corny and a couple days late, i know. regardless, i wanted to share my new favorite halloween costume with you guys. i’ve gotten really into making my own costumes the last couple years. remember these scary things?

since practically every other blog post is about owls in some way, it’s only natural that i chose to make an owl costume this year. i was inspired by a couple of other amazing costumes. my wings were inspired by this cutie from prudent baby, and my dress was inspired by this pillow case owl dress by a beautiful mess. both sites have great tutorials, so i won’t include them here.

a couple little notes though. {note 1} the wings tutorial linked above is written for child wings. to determine how big your adults wings need to be, measure from the middle of your back to your wrist. mine was 28 inches, so that’s how long each straight end of my wings were. {note 2} lay everything out before you sew and take a picture! this will ensure that you have enough feathers and the picture will help you remember how to space everything. sewing this is a tedious process (or it was for me…because i can’t really sew), so the picture will be a blessing!

what do you think?! i love, love, love how this turned out. i got so many compliments, and most people actually knew i was an owl!

i'm owling. of course that had to happen

lovely ladies

in addition to getting a couple of wears out of my new favorite halloween costume, i even participated in a thriller flash mob!


diy: beach towel beach bag

since my discovery of pinterest a few months ago, my to-make list has increased infinitely. my free time unfortunately hasn’t increased, but i was able to squeeze in one project before i went t to the beach this summer. one of my pinterest finds was this beach towel tote bag from martha stewart:

i didn’t really understand the instructions though, so i decided to make my own version (read: i kept trying to follow martha’s instructions but still ended up with a completely different bag). also, i’m just learning to sew. i’ve gotta say that deciding to sew towel material as a novice wasn’t the best idea. i think i broke four or five needles! proceed with caution!

materials you’ll need:

  • a full-size towel; i used a really giant towel. pick a smaller one if you want a normal-sized bag!
  • a hand towel that’s the same length as the full-size towel is wide
  • leather strips for the straps
  • leather or burlap to reinforce the straps (not pictured)
  • sewing machine

1) fold the big towel in half (inside out) and pin the hand towel down to make a pocket. sew the hand towel on the bottom and two sides. also sew up the middle to make two pockets.

2) turn right-side out and fold in half. fold down the tops a few inches and pin the whole thing together. turn inside-out again and sew the sides together. beware: the fabric gets super thick!!

3) braid together leather strips for your handles. i used six strips per braid. then sew the handles to the inside of your bag.

4) cover the base of the handles with burlap squares. my bag was feeling heavy and i was worried that the handles couldn’t handle the weight (bahaaa), so sewing these squares on added some much needed reinforcement.

and there you have it! now for some awkward photos of me modeling my new bag on the beach!

project art.craft space: complete!

i spoke of an unveiling last week– the time has finally come! i’ve been dreaming about my own art.craft space for a while now. in fact, i’ve been brainstorming for months. well, my dreams have finally come true! i started looking for the perfect piece of furniture a few months ago. thank you craigslist for this awesome find:


it was a beautiful piece of furniture before, but i wanted to transform it into my dream space. this was my first major furniture refinishing project, and i didn’t completely know what i was doing or how it would look when i finished. with a nervous hand i sanded, painted, sanded again, and stained.

the fun part started once the refinishing was complete! i installed my mason jar chandelier, attached my favorite fabric to the back, and added pegboard, fabric-covered cork board, and mason jars for organization.

one of my favorite parts is the chalkboard. i’ve been wanting to find a use for chalkboard paint for a while now! i painted a purple frame on one of the doors and filled it with chalkboard paint. a perfect place to keep my ideas! and now i’ve got a whole can of chalkboard paint to spare. maybe i could use a chalkboard wall, too?!

i finally have a place to store my fabric. one of my favorite things to do is to raid the sale sections of fabric stores. scrap of fabric for 25 cents? don’t mind if i do!

and the organization continues. everything has a place now.

what is your dream art.craft space? how do you like mine? my favorite reaction so far: “i want to crawl in there and live in it.” me too, me too!

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diy: tin can pencil + note holder

whoa, it’s been a while since i’ve blogged. just when i get into the habit, life comes along and acts all hectic. i’ve been sitting on this diy post for over a month now- my new job is keeping me busy, busy!

speaking of jobs, i wanted to do something nice for my coworkers when i left my old job. they threw me a lovely going away party and made me the perfect gift. i wracked my brain- and the internet- trying to decide on something that was crafty, functional, and that i could make in bulk. i finally decided to make pencil holders out of tin cans and cork board.

here’s what you need to make some, too:

  • tin cans. i ate lots of canned veggies for a few weeks. my coworkers also helped me out, though i wouldn’t tell them why they were bringing me cans.
  • spray paint
  • roll of cork (i got it at michaels)
  • hot glue
  • scissors

for the pushpins you’ll need:

  • thumb tacks
  • assorted fabric
  • felt
  • needle
  • thread
  • hot glue or fabric glue

and here’s how i did it (sorry about the lack of pictures. not sure why i didn’t take many, or if i did take them, i don’t know what happened to them; it’s such an easy project though- i have faith in you!):

first, spray paint the bottom of the cans and let them dry completely. i used a couple of coats of paint.

when dry, turn the cans over and paint the inside of the cans and the rim. i ended up painting the whole outside, but this isn’t necessary since you’ll be covering it.

cut out pieces of the cork roll that are the same height as your can. glue one end to the can and then start wrapping the cork. i wrapped two to three times around because the cork was so thin. otherwise, the pushpins fell right out. glue the end down and voila- you’ve got yourself a pencil holder!

i wanted to make the pencil holders a little more special, so i decided to make fabric pushpins as well. for some of them i made tiny rosettes (my rosette diy is here) and for the others i made pinwheels according to blair’s instruction (the first few of these i attempted were disasters. props to you, blair). after i had completed a whooole bunch of them, i cut out little circles of felt, popped a thumb tack through them, and then glued the felt to the backs of the rosettes/pinwheels. i swear i took pictures of this process but they are nowhere to be found (huh).

what a cute way to keep both your pencils and your notes-to-self organized! are there any other diy office supplies i should know about?

p.s. still speaking of jobs, don’t forget to check out krush. be a trend-setter and win prizes by rating upcoming lines of clothes, shoes, and accessories before they hit stores. seriously, we’ve got some cool things in the works, so you need to jump on the bandwagon now!

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upcycle: vanity chair

i’ve been searching for the perfect chair for my lovely vanity for months. it had to be just small enough and just old enough and just cheap enough. that ended up being a pretty tall order.

i finally found it at a local furniture consignment shop- remix furniture! i love, loved this store. you should definitely check it out! the chair was hiding in a dark corner of the store and it was perfect except for its ugliness (ha). it definitely needed some tlc, so to my house it went. here’s the before {blah!}:

and here’s the after {ah!}. i wanted it to look a bit rustic and old to match the vanity. i love what a little sandpaper, stain, and cool fabric can do!

and here’s my sweet girl testing out the chair and modeling her new etsy nametag.

diy: april showers yarn wreath

remember the ol’ yarn wreath that i first made for christmas and then revamped for valentine’s day? today was a very stormy day in nashville, so i decided to give the wreath a makeover to reflect these april showers.

such a happy little rain cloud.

diy: felt owl card holder

i’m proud of myself for only having one credit card, but i have about a million other cards. between grocery savings cards, insurance cards, and rewards cards for everywhere i shop, my wallet is always exploding. solution: store my less used cards somewhere else. i had thought about making a change purse like my owl brooch, but making a card holder seemed like an ever better idea.

i followed the same basic steps as the owl brooch, with the following changes:

1) make the whole thing larger. i used a credit card for reference when i drew the template.

2) only sew down the front layer of the beak. the back layer will serve as the flap.

3) i didn’t have large enough buttons for the eyes, so i backed them with two layers of felt. it turned out cuter than i expected. sew the eyes onto the flap instead of the body of the owl.

4) add a magnetic snap.

it’s the perfect size for all my cards, and my wallet is much happier. what do you think? am i little too owl-happy?!