catching up in ten photos

oh hey, so this is the second time i’ve forgotten to blog for six months (almost seven, dang). but it’s been a pretty crazy six months, so try to forgive me. that is assuming anyone is still out there.

i’ve got a pretty exciting post coming up in the next few days, but here’s a very quick recap of my year so far.

my last post was around christmas (?!). so, christmas happened. my handmade tree skirt and felted garland  were appreciated. my first christmas at my house was (i think) a success.

mom, bro, furry kids, and me on christmas morning

my sweet new cousin, maddie beth, was born last winter. i got to make a quick trip down to south alabama to meet her.

 in march, i treated myself to a 28th birthday trip. it’s my golden year (i’m 28 on the 28th), so i felt entitled to start it out with a bang.

i visited san francisco

 and portland, oregon.


i might have fallen in love with this guy in o’bryant square.

ace hotel, portland

and i got a tattoo.

it says “create”, lest i should forget

 and then i worked and lived life very unspectacularly. until work transferred me from nashville

to boston.

and so, i’m here in boston. where they laugh when i say y’all and they don’t have air conditioning even though it’s hot, but they do have beaches and baseball and breweries.

i’m working on a new project which i’m really excited about. stay tuned (it won’t take months, promise. i finally bought my domain name and everything, so i can’t let that $18 go to waste).


tut tut, it looks like rain

it’s a stormy, stormy day in nashville and i am getting over a little sickness. so instead of being productive on this gloomy day, i’m laying in bed looking up happy things online while my little doggie burrows under the covers (she’s so scared of storms). while perusing my etsy favorites i realized how many rain-related things i’ve had my eye on. here are some of my favs:

i’m in my late 20’s and i still have a thing for stuffed animals- or in this case stuffed clouds. that’s ok, right? i definitely want to hug this cloud.

source: goodbyebluemonday on etsy

such a pretty little rain cloud necklace. i bet my dog wouldn’t be scared of this sweet storm.

source: exodesign on etsy

if i had a baby, it would definitely have a rain cloud mobile. this was my inspiration for my latest yarn wreath.

source: babyjives on etsy

these are rain drop necklaces, but i’d love to have them hanging all over my condo just like this!

source: Kosmika on etsy

now that my sewing machine is easily accessible, thanks to my craft space, sewn paper rain drops like these might be on my to do list.

source: kategreiner on etsy

the name of this necklace is “big rain drops on my tiny umbrella”- so cute

source: plasticouture on etsy

lovely, lovely rain drop print. the colors are perfect.

source: PrissDesigns on etsy

and for your viewing pleasure, here’s my favorite, winnie the pooh, being a little black rain cloud, of course {{sidenote: i think i’ve posted two videos ever on my blog and they’ve both been from winnie the pooh. weird? awesome? who’s excited about the upcoming pooh movie?!}}

the next cool thing:

as i previously mentioned, i have a new job! i’m an analyst at a new social networking site- Here’s the description on the website:

Welcome to KRUSH.  Can you spot the next style or product before everyone else? Friends always following your lead?  Well here’s your chance to show what you’ve got and get seriously rewarded.

Be the first to post a product or style that YOU have wanted or seen and hype it up.  When your friends (and thousands of others) like it too and start crowding around it, it can be yours. We call that “Krushin’ it!”  You can post your own picks, or rate someone else’s…even sneak a peek at your favorite brands’ future collections and add your two cents about what’s going to take off.   You’ll earn kred and free product when you predict right.  Game on…

Why should so-called “experts” tell you whats going to be huge. Get with your friends and thousands of others and decide for yourselves at

sooo, you get to post things you love and you can see and rate upcoming not-yet-released lines from awesome brands! rate items and refer your friends- your chances of winning increase the more you play! so check it out! my job depends on you providing me data! ha!

i’m an artist, not an athlete

ok, i don’t really consider myself an artist either, but i’m definitely not an athlete. this post doesn’t really have anything to do with being especially creative, but it does have everything to do with saving artist ryan. that’s what’s important, right? i completed my first 1/2 marathon on april 30- the country music 1/2 in nashville! i started training to run/walk it in january. i hadn’t exercised much at all for a while (oops), so training was quite the uphill battle for me. despite my periodic frustration with the training, the race was AWESOME. i still walked some of it (that was what i was training to do. wasn’t expecting a miracle), but i felt so good the whole time (except for a little struggle at mile 11)! and i got a medal! maybe everyone else got a medal, too, but i’m going to ignore that fact. now, i need to motivate myself to train for another one! maybe i’ll even train for speed!

i know i probably should have done this BEFORE the 1/2 marathon, but i’m running my first 5k on may 21- ellie’s run for africa in nashville. join me and support a great cause!

diy: april showers yarn wreath

remember the ol’ yarn wreath that i first made for christmas and then revamped for valentine’s day? today was a very stormy day in nashville, so i decided to give the wreath a makeover to reflect these april showers.

such a happy little rain cloud.

my soundtrack: mindy smith + leigh nash

i know little to nothing about music, but it’s hard not to be sucked in by the sounds of music city. last night, i attended my first show at the historic belcourt theater. it was a lovely experience- beautiful music in an intimate setting. a couple of songs really spoke to me, so i just have to share. isn’t it amazing how music can mirror some of our innermost thoughts?

leigh nash from sixpence none the richer was the opening act. i had no idea she was going to be there, so i was beyond excited. what girl didn’t sing happily along to “kiss me”?? {this girl still does} leigh was the cutest and most genuine person i’ve ever seen perform. really, just adorable. i fell in love with her personality instantly and her voice all over again. i want to be her best friend. listen below to a song she wrote to her dad. so touching.

mindy smith, a singer-songwriter who often appears on my pandora stations, was the headliner. she was quite the entertainer as well. she was definitely an odd bird, but an odd bird i’d want to hang out with. her long island accent and sarcastic sense of humor was hugely unexpected given her sweet and sad love songs, but she was charming nonetheless. one of my favorite songs of the night was “tennessee”- a song she wrote about this great place i live. give it a listen below.

Tennessee, you’ve been good to me
Yes, I’ve come to believe you’re where I wanna be
You may not be what everybody needs
but Tennessee, you’re good enough for me

I can see stars shining in your night
Your daytime seems like Cash and Patsy Cline
They may not be what everybody needs
But they touch my soul
That’s good enough for me

It’s been ten years now, and I’m rooted in your soil
I am rooted in your soil
Give me ten more years, I’ll be rooted in your soil
Right here in your soil

You may not be what I will always need
But I call you home
If I can call you home
Then you’re good enough for me

Miles 25 & 26: Emphasis. Change. We Are Nashville

Well, I know this looks an awful lot like Mile 24, but I just couldn’t bring myself to paint over it. Maybe there was a reason I haven’t painted the last two miles in the past few weeks (I thought I was just being lazy. or was scared to finish). It hit me today that I should combine miles 24, 25, and 26 as a tribute to my flooded Nashville.

The design principle for Mile 25 was EMPHASIS. The assignment was to paint a word or phrase that reflected something that needed more emphasis in my life. Since the floods of the past weekend, I think we are all realizing we need to emphasize each other right now. We need to provide money and time to those who lost everything to the waters. We need to stand up together to rebuild this great city of ours. We are Nashville. So that’s my phrase for the emphasis mile. The letters were cut out of cardboard that was soaked from the floodwaters in my basement. What was wet and ruined is now dry and beautiful. We can do the same for our city.

In Mile 26, the finish line mile, we were to paint the change we wish to create. I want to change this city into what it was last week, but with stronger, more unified citizens. I want Nashville to be like the one in my painting. So I couldn’t paint over it. My mile 24 IS my mile 26. Some tragic things happened in between the two, but we’ll come back strong. We Are Nashville.