diy: fall yarn ball wreath

remember my round-up of fall fun a few weeks ago? one of my favorite things on that list was this adorable yarn wreath from write it down.

a girlfriend of mine threw a pinterest party a few weeks ago. everyone was to bring supplies for a project they had pinned and a bottle of wine. this was the perfect time for me to start this wreath!

i couldn’t find a link to any diy instructions for this, so i’ll give you my best interpretation. here’s what you’ll need:

  • three colors of yarn 
  • about 15 styrofoam balls. i used two different sizes
  • floral wire
  • burlap or ribbon for hanging

1) tie the yarn onto a ball.

2) and then start wrapping! wrap each ball until completely covered and then tie off. you’ll need about fifteen balls of different colors.

3) arrange the bottom layer of ten yarn balls in a circle.

4) string together with floral wire. i found it helpful to poke holes through each ball with an ice pick before i started stringing. also create a string of five yarn balls to attach to the circle. 

5) wrap some yarn around the wire between each ball and tie off.

6. attach a ribbon (or in my case a strip of burlap) for hanging.mine didn’t turn out quite as pretty as my inspiration, but i still think it’s pretty cute.
what fall crafts have you done this month?


i’m falling for you, fall

ahh! can't find the source! message me if you know.

whoa, i do miss blogging when i go mia. i’ve been working non-stop to make krush awesome (what’s krush, you ask?), so many of my creative outlets have been put on the back-burner for a little while. this post is warranted though because i love, love, love fall. seriously, i think i’m my best self when there’s a crisp in the air and my favorite colors are everywhere. here are a few of my favorite inspirations so far this season.

{{{{to wear}}}} 

this festive shrug from Woolbridge on etsy. i need to work on my knitting asap!

this owl shirt from charlotte russe. an owl shirt? yes, please. and at $19.99 i might order this baby. wouldn’t it be cute under an burnt orange cardigan?

i rarely wear heels (because they make me cry. wah), but these stripey heels from lin77 are full of fall loveliness.

{{{{to eat}}}}
i don’t really cook much. like, ever, really. i’m gonna try this though. twice-baked butternut squash? sounds like heaven.

i’m not sure how to make a chocolate mug, but i’d sure like to indulge in one.

{{{{to make}}}}

why hello, all my favorite colors. i’ve gotta make some fall leaves garland (from a beautiful mess) to decorate my home and office.

cuteness. a mummy pumpkin. done and done. i just want to squeeze his little pumpkin cheeks.

and finally, check out this amazing fall wreath from write it down. this makes me insanely happy. it’s first up on my fall diy list!

what’s on your happy list so far this fall?

diy: april showers yarn wreath

remember the ol’ yarn wreath that i first made for christmas and then revamped for valentine’s day? today was a very stormy day in nashville, so i decided to give the wreath a makeover to reflect these april showers.

such a happy little rain cloud.

i ♥ my grandma

my grandma is awesome. seriously, she was the most fun grandma ever growing up. i vividly remember her letting us pull out all her pots and pans from her cabinets, which naturally led to a parade around the house with pots on our heads while beating on pans with ladles like a drum. and she had a teeny tiny turtle that lived in a teeny tiny red box on the counter. and she always makes 27 layer chocolate cake. who could ask for a better grandma?

anyway, when she found out i was learning to knit she sent me an email saying that she would give me all her old knitting stuff.  i had a chance to see her for a few hours this past weekend as she arrived for a visit with my mom the same day i was leaving a visit with her. and she brought me TONS of knitting stuff.  i’ve now got needles of every size, place holders, old books, and lots of other things that i have no idea how to use yet.  she brought everything in her beautiful old basket that she lined herself and a cool old yarn caddy (which i was thinking about buying/making anyway).

i’m excited! my knitting has unfortunately come to a frustrating halt though. i have started a fingerless glove about eight times and keep messing up.  i haven’t figured out how to fix slip-ups yet, so i just start over every time…..which means i quickly give up. hopefully now i have the motivation and tools to keep going! anyone want to have a knitting party?!

puppy v-day love

I have to share this sweet/funny story. Remember the Valentine’s day scarf I made for my dog Maddie? My very first completed knitting project? Well, she’s been wearing it a lot because I think it’s cute. I assumed she was annoyed but was placating me because she’s been barking A LOT (do dogs placate? no?).  I took it off of her last night as we were getting into bed because 1) she had fulfilled her obligation of being my valentine, and 2) it was warm and I didn’t want her to get hot in the night. She woke me up by barking at 5am {{grr}} and when I got up to see what was going on I realized that she had put the scarf back on herself! The hearts were upside down, but she definitely had it on. I’m not sure how she did it, but I take it as a sign that she likes it! Or she’s sucking up. She got two treats at 5am for that one. Smart dog.

new goal: learn to knit

I’ve started LOTS of new things in the past few months- cake decorating (blog post hopefully coming soon), running (my first 1/2 marathon in April!), super crafting,  and now I’m attempting to knit! Teaching myself to knit has turned out to be quite the challenge, but I’m slowly (sloooowly) learning. The first thing I finished? A Valentine themed cowl scarf for my dog, Maddie. And then my mom’s dog, Emmy, was jealous so I had to make her one, too. Aren’t they cute?

Honestly, I’m sort of impatient (ha) so the slowness of knitting is a bit challenging for me. I can’t imagine actually finishing something human- sized!

emmy and maddie

diy: yarn wreath- valentine’s edition

Remember this guy? I made it with the intention of switching it up year round to go with the seasons. Yes, I’m going to complain about Valentine’s Day because I’m chronically single and well-aware (ha), but some part of me wants to celebrate the idea of the day with hearts and chocolate (Godiva, please). So, I decided to turn my Christmas wreath into a Valentine’s Day wreath.

I’m not sure this merits a DIY post, but here you go.

Here’s what you need:

  • a yarn wreath (here’s my step-by-step guide)
  • a sheet of red felt
  • red yarn
  • heart template
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • batting
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil

1) trace two hearts onto the felt and cut them out

2) Using the embroidery thread and needle, stitch around the heart. When you get about halfway through, start stuffing with the batting. Stitch the rest of the way around, adding the final batting before you close.

3) Wrap the red yarn around the wreath. I wrapped diagonally in one direction and then the other. Be creative!

4) Attach the heart to a piece of yarn and tie the yarn to the wreath. There you go! A Valentine’s Day wreath!